This is not something I usually do but after huge pressure (about 8 requests) I succumbed to the demand. Here are some of the more tormented comments from Leeds United fans following their failure to secure promotion…..

“They’ve won promotion but yet still talk about Leeds. Obsessed.”

“Absolute respect for Wilder’s achievement at a professional level but his behaviour and that of some his squad has revealed some pretty small time insecurity. “

“Remember Bielsa defending Henderson after his howler at Bramall Lane when everyone else was taking the piss,strange how Henderson/Wilder r now quick to stick the boot in on Bielsas achievements now.Prem club with a small club mentality.”

“It always comes back to bite you in the arse, that kind of bullshit. I’ve plenty of friends from the right side of Sheffield and don’t wish them ill next year, but I might take a look at the chop odds for next season’s PL managers…”

“The whole filming of them partying and carrying on at Bramall Lane looked very chavvy and classless plus the drunken interviews left a lot to be desired especially when he dwells on Leeds rather than his own team and their merits and achievements.”

“Screw Chris wilder. I can’t stand him or his squad of players. They play a shit house style of football. And it’s only through our fuck ups that they are there. It should be us. If we weren’t so Leeds at times it would be.”

“It’s particularly galling in the case of the bacon wearing, rapist supporting, victim blaming, shoe waving, litigious, hypocritical cry babies that are Sheffield United.  It’s not even as if they’ve been well run as a club, signed or produced any decent players, or have a decent fan base. What is the point of them in the Premier League, seriously!”

“The blunts will come a cropper amongst the elite”

“I hate and despise the club and all it stands for….always have done. Tin pot club. Awful fans.”

“Relegated by February.”

“Wilder will find out the HARD way next season, he can gob off all he wants now but they are gonna need a miracle to stay up “What Norwich and Sheff utd don’t have is 46 cup finals like Leeds have. They don’t have teams raising their game against them like Leeds. They haven’t had an injury crisis like Leeds have had all season. “

“I’ve been staggered at the number of Norwich & Sheffield Utd fans I’ve seen slagging Leeds. If we’d held or nerve and managed automatic promotion I wouldn’t give a damn about any other team. Strange”

“They’ll come straight back down after the manner of Cardiff; just a collection of aging journeymen who’ve over achieved. Are McCabe and Prince Gazillions still suing each other? Can’t see them investing enough to make a go of it. It’ll give their fans something else to have a greasy chip butty on each shoulder about though, as they inevitably slide back to their natural home in league one.”

“Norwich and Sheff United both promoted but what’s everyone talking about? Leeds vs Villa.. There’s a energy around this club that people are envious of”

“I’d rather be in the Championship forever than support a shit club like Norwich with their shit, inbred fans in a virtually silent stadium despite them being just over 20 minutes away from the Premier League! Imagine Elland Road..”

“2 teams promoted from the Championship and the main talking point was Leeds. Easily the biggest club in this league”

“Fulham played pretty football, some pundits claimed it was the best ever in championship, spent £100m and couldnt stay up. Can’t see overlapping centre backs and Billy Sharp getting on well in Prem. Even teams like Burnley will have a field day vs Blades”

“Only bottlers will be sheff utd next season when they are relegated and embarrassed to themselves”

By Roy

10 thoughts on “View From Leeds……”
  1. But at least the BLADES have got to the Premier league, all the spying and cheating that Weeds did was in vane !!!!!! Even if Blades come back down at the end of the season, they will still whoop your arses and the S6 pigs!!! Yes that’s right, you won’t go up next season either!!!! Useless Pratt’s!!!!!! Pick your bus wheels up and be on ya way!!!!!!❤️⚔️❤️⚔️❤️???

  2. Wow there is salty and then there is fucking salty.
    Typical Views from Bellend Road, they still think that they are the Champions of Europe, how pathetically sad. ? ? ???

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments, mudslingers, time will tell at least the Blades are in the premiership after not losing in there last 16 games and that’s the difference, between us and Leeds. I really hoped they would go up to but hey that’s football ifs, buts, oh we were unlucky, if you don’t score and win you stay where you are

  4. Were classless maybe but the bottom line is your F*****G useless trying to go forward on used to be UP THE BLADES

  5. Haha if you think it’s only Blades and Norwich who are laughing at you and dislike you then you are seriously deluded. Every club and fan in the country was cheering for Derby last night. You get what you deserve in this life hence championship football for you next season again

  6. if they’d not fallen apart, if theyd scored more, if theyd won more game, if theyd not lost inthe last 16 match.

  7. That comment let’s all laugh at Leeds is exactly what everyone is doing
    They arent a big club at all and they only have the fan Base cos there a one city club , if sheffield got rid of the pigs our fan Base would outclass theirs without question utb

  8. Leeds were simply overrated. You can have as much possession and chance as you like. But if you can’t put your chance away or even get shots on target………You’re not a great team.

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