“Good game, but as long as there’s no striker in the team, we’re still with last year’s deficiency.”

“We didn’t deserve to lose, the referee couldn’t be more bad. We had two good chances and I don’t know how the other team stopped them “

“Disappointed but not surprised.”

“If you missed the game…. you didn’t miss a thing… don’t bother to see it… hurting the eyes”

“up to the miniture 30 or by there not a shot at the door basically the same as last year with pre-season match level

“Inept , sign someone at once”

“What a bunch of inepts”

“Shame even in pre-season losing to newly promoted team”

“we don’t applaud like seals in a circus like it was a great with a newly promoted English team.”

“We conceded to a menu name from McDonald’s”

“Let the pessimistic, fatalist comments begin and messing with players who wear our jersey, it’s a season first game. For me we can lose all pre-season games and win the league. I will stay calm”

“Can you really draw conclusions and say the barbarities you’re saying for losing this game? The team hasn’t been training for two weeks and a new coach. Let’s put her on the ground for God’s sake. “

“This is pre-season, negative people who criticize the minimum, to suck them”

“some go dramatic . A week of training, half-gas match, 45 minutes with quarries and players out. “

“Betis will be a good team to watch this season .. Dark horse for champions league place if they add the right players”

“hope it’s a good year for Sheffield. “

“Good luck to them in The Premier League”

By Roy

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