“I’m finding it really difficult to think of a set 11 for the game tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to be EH right now; we have too much quality to choose from!”

The good thing is….we know our bench will now have some quality on there as well….so anyone on the pitch not performing, will know they can be hooked fairly simply.”

“We have 6 injuries to 1st teamers, 3 we’d like in the starting XI. 3 teams have no injuries (incl Sheff Utd). Most of the rest have only minor niggles/short terms injuries and mostly to squad players. Let’s hope our position improves this season”

“Eddie Howe says both Steve Cook and Charlie Daniels are fit and ready for the Premier League opener with Sheffield United on Saturday.”

“Need to do better than Daniels. Not the player he was an gets skinned regularly.Big weak spot.”

“Made me laugh on the Sheffield forum:
“We better be careful, I was there last week watching Bournemouth. V Lyon ,Wilson and King both scored and looked good”
“Wilson looks no more than 10 stone dripping wet. Jags would eat him for breakfast.” Granted he was getting his Wilson’s confused, but I can’t think of a more unfair fight than powerful, agile, England International Callum Wilson versus…”Jags”. I have no doubt that “Jags” could definitely eat both Wilsons for breakfast, however.”

“Wilder doing was doing a pretty good Sean Dyche impersonation on deadline day”

“Would have been a better impersonation if he’d bitched and moaned about how much money we have to spend.”

“Not loosing any of the big three …. Ake, Fraser, Wilson and bringing in 5 great signings albeit no goal keeper, that has to be an incredible transfer window compared to our previous ones. A net transfer window of 10m …. incredible. Bring on the start of the season”

“We have 2 rookie goalies and 2 clown goalies. That could backfire.
I don’t see that the defence has been strengthened. The 2 new defensive signings have no Premier experience. It will be another season where we score lots, but also concede lots. Can’t see us being any further forward.”

“I’d rather have an extra player out on pitch than start Begovic”

“Ramsdale didn’t fill me with confidence last week but wouldn’t be against him starting”

“Am I right I’m saying Ramsdale hasn’t conceded a goal in preseason? Got to be #1 for Sheffield Utd”

“I’d actually be quite excited to see Ramsdale start tomorrow but still have a feeling Boruc will be given the job.”

“We won’t need keepers next season. We’ll have 95% possession, no shots against us and utter domination. When Lewis Cook is back, Billing can be our rush keeper pinging 75 yard passes to Wee Man on his left foot! “

“We’re winning every game 9-8”

“Defendings overrated anyway”

“I think we could get relegated due to being a bit shit defensively. “

“I think we could go down too unless we do a hell of a lot of out scoring. I genuinely can’t believe how inept we are at the back sometimes. Often in fact. “

” I’ve seen afcb play Sheff Utd seven times at Dean Court and we’ve only scored once. John Williams in 1988. We still lost 1-2. ”

“I remember the last time we played them (United won 1-0 with a Jamie Murphy goal) for the utter shithousery deployed by the Blades. We are all familiar with it now and ourselves are no angels either but back then it was a shock. Of course Gillingham and Chesterfield were well known for the dark arts in the lower leagues but Sheffield United were the first side I saw employ it to such an extreme level.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Bournemouth”
  1. Excited to see the Blades back in the big time…really can’t praise Eddie Howe and Bournemouth enough for how they have gone about their business achieving what I would love us Blades to do which is prove doubters wrong and have a good few seasons in the Prem..no reason why we shouldn’t with Wilder at the Helm who reminds me a lot of Howe…Shame Brooks out of the team to play us, you’ve an excellent young lad their for the future…Let’s hope the game tomorrow is entertaining and no matter what the result I hope both clubs are still in there come end of the season.

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