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“I’m a huge fan of United’s manager Chris Wilder and for me he’s one of the most innovative but successful managers in the country today.
I’ve watched them most weeks and I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve transitioned to the top flight. Against similar level opposition they play on the front foot with a ball dominant style and a lot of positionless play where guys swap around regularly but they’re still very good defensively.
Hard to predict how they’ll set up because even though we’re a much better team we and they’ve given up possession to bigger teams so far, we don’t look comfortable trying to control games and have been there for the taking in every away game this year.
They’re a very poor quality side although Robinson, Stevens and Fleck are decent. Henderson’s an ok keeper but he’s got a clanger in him. Also Lundstram is a FPL god.”

“This is going to be really tricky. Has banana skin written all over it.”

“They were surprisingly good against Liverpool, pressed really well, don’t expect an easy game, especially with the way we play atm.”

“Sheffield United has only conceded 7 goals in the league so far. Second lowest in the league. It will be a tough nut to crack.”

“Particularly with how little we create”

“This will be a very tough game – defensively they are very strong, and it will be a great atmosphere up there under the lights.
would settle for a 1-1.”

“Hard to be confident for this. They are a really well organised side and will deffo raise their game for us. Liverpool only won there because of a terrible mistake from the Keeper.”

“They’ll ruin us.”

“not confident whatsoever”

“Has Home win written all over it. Newly promoted northern team at home. Our record against such isn’t that great. Hope I’m wrong obviously.”

“Not looking forward to this one. Monday night likely rain and they’ll run all day and night.
See us struggling to get into this and we won’t battle or control enough of it to win. Low point of the season coming up”

“Got a 1-0 loss written all over it”

“Don’t like the idea of playing this lot under the lights infront of a packed house. LOSS”

“Auba is my only hope. Sheffield Utd are pretty organised whenever i have seen them this season and doesn’t leak too many goals. Glad to see Luke Freeman in PL.”

“Only 4 days until I have to watch team with 9 players I really hate try to play football!”

“Let’s hope captain fannyfart isn’t playing as his wife has just given birth..”

“Amazing where we’re at with this team. Worried about playing Sheffield United. But, rightly so. And thats no disrespect to them. I guess I just expect so much more…”

“they don’t have much quality but they play with energy and the crowd has lots of passion. Doubt we win this away from home under the guidance of Unai Emery.”

“Think this will be a fairly routine win for us providing HB & KT play.
Too much quality and i suspect they will have a go against us which will work out well for us. Think everyone will see what a difference it actually makes to have first choice fullbacks playing. Think we can go on a really good run now “

“Routine win? Is this a server glitch from 2004?”

“I honestly can’t remember one time when we’ve played them in Sheffield and had an easy ride regardless of their form being good, bad or indifferent, similar to how Wimbledon often used to be a fly in our bowl of soup.”

“Emery probably nervous because he can’t set up as the underdog.”

“Ofc he can. Already forgot about Huddersfield Town at home last season? 8 defenders + Laca and Auba up front at home vs a relegation side.
Thankfully we managed to win 1-0 against the worst team in the prem by scoring a 83rd min bicycle kick on our 2nd and last attempt on target” “In days gone by we’d have beaten these easy but 2019 is a different scenario altogether (particularly with our lot) but I still go with a win for us.”

“They’re a somewhat ‘physical’ side, even so we now have some players more able to cope with that than those wenger snowflake pussies.”

Sheffield Utd are a newly promoted team.
We should be beating them by a big margin. Come the end of the season they’ll most likely be relegation fodder.
We have a good attack force…and that’s about it.”

“I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t win by at least 2 goals”

“Sheffield are decent and will raise their game, we’re **** away but with Auba we can score a goal or two.”

“Sheffield UNITED ffs. I’m picking people up on this, you’re not the only. Two teams in Sheffield so we should call them by their full name”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Arsenal”
  1. Why do others seem to think we’re a physical team, to be honest that’s what’s lacking, we haven’t got a strong tackler in the team, I call our midfield powder puffs, we pass it about but when it comes to tackles forget about it, probably big Jack, Egan and bash,and as for mcburnie and Robinson their about as physical as me and I’m 5ft 2 and 57 yrs old, were tarnished from the basset era and warnock days, now days were pass and move on the floor as much as possible , we’re very organised but no way physical, plus we’re to honest, no doubt we’ll be seeing the arsenal players go rolling about like we saw the Liverpool go down like a sack of spuds, every time their touched, about time we started playing the Premier way, not the best way to play and wilder won’t want them to play like that but this is what they’ve got to do, not footballers half of them but actors

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