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“Out fought and out thought” “A newly promoted team playing football. It is possible Sean !!!

“It’s a sad day when we stop seeing Sheffield United as relegation rivals during their first season in the top division. That’s very worrying in itself”

“November and we have already given up on teams like Sheffield United”

“beat the ones around us and don’t worry about the top 6, which includes Sheff Utd.”

“A shocker.. but can’t take anything away from Sheffield United. Chris wilder spot on”

“Firstly – well done Chris Wilder – what a good manager he is and what a fantastic job he’s doing. Reminds me of our first PL season under Sean but with a cutting edge. That being said they will find the second half of the season far tougher than the first so they need to rack-up as many points as they possibly can before the turn of the year.”

“I thought they started very impressively, but it’s concerning that we had no clue how to deal with them and that basic balls in the channel caused complete mayhem. They’ve been playing the same way for a good few years. We’re also fairly useless against a midfield 5. Note that no strikers scored today.
I think we should acknowledge that they were excellent but it doesn’t make me feel any better after that.”

“Sheffield realised our full backs were the weak link and exploited this to the fullest.” “There are bad days, and there are bad days to be fair.
That was a bad day.”

“That was one of the worse performances I have seen from a Burnley Team.”

“0 shots on target. That is pathetic.
Worryingly can think of multiple games just last season that this happened. Istanbul, Wolves and Man City at least from memory.
That is the worse stat of all from today.”

“When teams like Sheffield United,a newly promoted club have sussed out your weakest links and expose them for what they are,have after all this time Dyche and his tactics have been sussed by everyone,we never mix it up,a weakness everyone has sussed,we made them look like world beaters today in that first half”

“They are not exactly mugs and have surprised pretty much everyone this season. Mixing it up is one thing but not getting used to an opponent with an unusual set up and making basic errors is why we lost today.”

“We were completely overrun in midfield”

“We never once drove at the Sheff Utd back line creating an angle, an overlap or taking a man out of the game.
We looked slow, weak, ponderous and lacking in any sort of an idea.
It’s not over reaction to say this has very much been coming.
We are a very reactive side, who dont change personnel or tactics regardless of opposition.
We dont seem to exploit weaknesses the opposition may have, nor do we try anything different, and by that I mean approach play, free kicks, corners etc.
An extremely poor day at the office, and if we dont change the starting 11 and/or approach soon it could prove very costly.
Final point, can we please look to improve the first 11, it’s been 2, maybe 3 windows where we haven’t moved forwards in terms of quality or style regards with people we bring in, in the starting 11.”

“I had to endure this in the home end and it was embarrassing to hear the opinions of the Blades fans on us, and I didn’t blame them at all for what I heard.”

“We have the worst style of play in the league by some distance. There is little to no variation either and we are all too predictable.”

“I’ve read a few comments saying how good the Sheffield players were today.
On the one hand I agree with that, they were excellent and played with full commitment and lung busting stamina to meet the demands of their playing script.On the other hand our tactics ( or lack of them ) made it very easy for them. They simply had to turn up and do their regular job against a team that offered no surprises. “

“This was as bad as I’ve seen us under Dyche, all 3 goals were poor ones to give away, especially the two just before half time that finished the game off.
This result was more about how bad we were than them being any good and some changes need making.”

“Absolutely terrible performance by the players. Embarrassing for the club. Do I get a refund for my ticket and travel.”

“More than dreadful feel gutted”

“Sheff Utd were also sh1t so not a good show at all”

“Wade Elliott scores ten year ago tho”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Burnley”
  1. Some fairly honest comments from Burnley fans, though it is becoming a regular feature that we just happen to play teams the same day as they turn out their ‘worst performance in years’.
    I really don’t see why a newly promoted team should present a greater or lesser challenge than any other if the 19 teams, perhaps we are just looked down on as ‘Frankie First Years’.
    I predicted years ago, when we were relegated into Lge1, that when, WHEN we came back, we’d mean business, and so far it seems to be holding up.
    I genuinely hope Burnley stay up, like us, they’re not big time Charlie’s, and they get along despite the obstacles put in their way… good luck for the remainder…

  2. Was expecting more from Burnley. I did forecast a draw for yesterday. You seemed very nervous from early on. Early days and time to pick up (or drop off). Not getting carried away. ” We were rubbish rather than united being good” It’s funny when we win because it always coincides with the other teams “off” day. Can’t it be that we forced you into a bad performance? Good luck Burnley for the rest of the season. Hope we’re both in it next season.

  3. Lol if we was sh.t you was pathetic and we slice you and dice you and carry on playing one dimensional football you will go down and the only memory you will have is that we didn’t turn up ten years ago in the play offs final ! And who have you produced from Burnley ? Nobody we got maigure walker brooks naughton jags brown do I need to go on know we have the moo’s.

  4. To say Sheffield United was shit the person above obviously was pissed because we out played and out scored is team a team that only just stops up every year mediocre team at best

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