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“Wow Sheffield Utd can play football….
Their movement and workrate absolutely destroyed us in the first 10 mins…. their movement is brilliant finding space and pulling our players out old position and their workrate off the ball to turn over possession is superb”

“They’re 6th, haven’t lost away all year, they beat arsenal, drew away to Chelsea and only lost by one goal to Leicester and Liverpool and deserved more in both games so yes I’d say right now they’re a very good side, just because they don’t have big flash signings and we’re recently promoted doesn’t mean they can’t be a very good side, watch them play, they’re so well coached and have a very effective unique way of playing. I don’t think they’ll keep it up all year and that’s where teams like us can take advantage over the course of a whole season but right now they’re a good team and we are a mid table one trying to get back to the level we should be.”

“Just watch the movement off the ball between the two sides when in possession…. its light and day.
They are constantly on the move, offering options and making our defenders work their arses off to get a foot in or even get a glimpse of the ball.
We however, are static standing behind players and slow in transition/possession allowing them to get goal side and make our avenues for passes limited.
Doesnt help when we cant make simole passes to feet, but they are making it harder for us, while we also contribute to the dificulty by poor movement and workrate…”.

“Impressed with the blades. They played with an intelligent and aggressive high press. They were positive and played with high energy. They played how we used to play when we barnstormed our way into the top 4.
As for us now, we look like a lumbering, half knackered legends 11 playing a pre season charity match”

“Forgetting Tottenham for a minute (I really wish I could) Sheffield United were superb today and should have won. I really thought they’d struggle to stay up this season but they’re a strong, well drilled team that deserve credit.”

“Credit to Sheffeld Utd, great perfomance. Like a team possesed at times.”

“They played some great football and showed far more dynamism in final third than us. Should have had 3 points today – outplayed us”

“Hadn’t seem them before today, absolutely brilliant football side, one touch football was a joy. Reminds me of NI national side, creating a team better than the parts.”

“They’re everything that we used to be not that long ago.”

“This Sheffield side reminds me of Spurs 3 or 4 years ago. Very high press from a very fit team”

“It was like watching old Tottenham, going to better teams with no fear pressing the life out of them and having unity between fans, manager and players”

“Thought they were superb. The organisation and work rate was top notch. They can play a bit too”

“They were excellent and miles the better team” “Sheff United are just fully better than us”

“Sheff Utd are a good team, people are underrating them”

“sheff Utd are a top top slide this year so given that we are still finding our feet I definitely can see the positives.”

“Good point against a team that is better than us”

“it’s worth pointing out that Sheffield United are really good right now. Like, surprisingly good.”

“The worst thing about today was that they were miles better than us in every department. Before this season 90% had never heard of the their players.”

“I know sometimes we have a slow start to games, but to not start playing until the 86th minute is taking the piss. An undeserved point”

“The scary thing was we only scored from a mistake and they could have scored about four and had one disallowed and scored a good goal. Basically we should have got a bit of a hammering today.”

“Our fullbacks are terrible. We literally have zero threat provided from them. The Sheffield backs were far, far superior.”

“We could do worse than Wilder imo. He’s the most impressive British coach i’ve seen for a while.
I think Sheff U’s problem is a lack of individual quality still. If they’d had that then they would have absolutely put us to the sword today”

“Scoreline flatters us in a game we were well and truly bested by a team who has no business coming to our patch and playing us off the park.”

“ we struggle so much against bus parkers. We piss away the first 45 minutes pretty much every time. Today we played alright in the first half but no end product and then after breaking the deadlock we just stopped playing. Sheffield United for the first hour struggled to get out of their half but in the last half an hour could have won it.”

“They didn’t park the bus. They pressed the hell out of us and we couldn’t play out of the back”

“We were playing a team with a championship side, all be it well drilled. We were CL finalists 6 months ago, now look like a league 1 side.”

“Out fought, out thought and out played by Sheffield Utd
The low points keep getting lower”

“Giving it to those Sheffield wankers after var was euphoric.”

“The worst thing about today is that Sheffield looked like the better team for most of the game and it was us playing at home. The VAR decision was ridiculous and almost gives the impression we won a point today instead of losing two”

“That was absolutely shite!!
Getting schooled by Sheffield United.
As for VAR. I’m about done. I was watching on some American stream and the woman at the end had to explain about the fact VAR for offside is black and white, not clear and obvious and that the people watching should remember the VAR team are human beings and shouldn’t take any slating. That’s how bad it has become.”

“Getting lost in the result somewhat is the fact that our goal came from a defensive error and United had a goal chalked off due to the stupidity of the VAR offside check method. We very easily could have, arguably should have, lost that match.”

“What a joke VAR is. Of course I’,m happy that the goal was disallowed, but to be judged offside after hours of checking – by the thickness of your boot leather is stupid.”

“We drew today with Sheffield United at home 1-1 and received one point. In fairness we lost 1-2 but thanks to VAR that will forever be forgotten.”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Spurs”
  1. Nice wright up mate, if we stay up this season we will be happy, at least we are playing football sometimes 11 against 12 , var will ruin the game so keep banging on about it, its the supporters who will change it in the end.

  2. I like the Honesty of this report pretty spot on !as a Blade fan we are used to the put down but this is a fair and honest account.
    I think Spurs have identity issues, from the Spurs side that two years ago looked world class at times theY are looking lost?
    Shame really I am a big Spurs fan, and think Daniel and Poch are a good team!

  3. Thankyou for the remarks about S.Utd,
    We play like demons every week and our league position reflects that. We perhaps haven’t got the household names just yet, but that will come!
    Shows that dedication to the unit playing for each other, can be highly rewarding. Tribute to their management, their team spirit, and their supporters
    C’mon you Blades ⚽️⚽️

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