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“Woohoo – not”

“Bit of an anticlimax.”

“Lets pick up a win and hope for a better draw!”

“At least we’re at home.”

“Suppose it could be worse”

“It’s a premier league team at least.”

“Should be a full house for that one and under dogs would suit us.”

“They are a good team and doing well in the premier league but they won’t want to come to the Den”

“Least we got a home draw against a premiership team and definitely winnable.”

“Its at home so no crappy travel to some crappy ground where we will have a crappy allocation.
Not the worst draw.”

“Sheff Utd they’re a tricky team but it’s better than Northampton or Barnsley say, it’s at home we can do them and get further in the cup”

“Not gonna be an easy game at all, they’ve become a very good premier league side”

“One things for sure, Sheff Utd wont fancy it.”

“Let’s hope like all premier league teams that come down don’t take is seriously and put out weak team and we will do them no problem”

“Sheff u beatable”

“They won’t be putting out a weak side for this one. It should be a great game, they are doing well in premier league. I think they will be nervous about this one. “

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“Love a home tie to a prem club”

“Not glamorous, but at home against an in form premiership side and we all know in recent years that’s counted for nowt…see you in round 5”

“I take that another cup home draw is all good.
We are capable of beating Sheffield United in my opinion.
Good gate money and hopefully a chance to reach the FA Cup 5th round.”

“Sheffield United at home, decent tie, home to a Premier League team and it’s winnable as they won’t be full strength”

“Wilder does not enjoy his Den visits.”

“They will put out a strong team wilder is no mug”.

“he won’t want to get turned over by us . The blades will feel they have moved on from the championship and will want to prove there’s a gulf in class.
Also I think we can turn them over ,makings of a very good cup tie as long as we open all four sides”

“Sheffield United is alright in my opinion. Potentially winnable on our day and at least it’s another home game”

“Sheffield United have been one of our closest rivals given how we’ve basically followed them from L1. They’ve not got a massive squad, may not play full strength”

“It’s another game that we will probably lose but play a full team against. it’s unnatractive and will cause injuries and we are one midfielder or one striker away from being in a crisis”

“I reckon that’s about 15 out of the last 17 drawn at home or thereabouts.
A winnable game and a chance to see how far we’ve progressed pitted up against a good team.”

“These last few years we have definitely had our lucky share of home draws. They just don’t want us to set foot out of London for cup games, that’s for sure…”

“Sheffield United zzzzzzz”


“Sheffield United – the first top flight team we ever played in the FA Cup…..way back in 1895”.

“Lets smash them mugs up & fill the den right up for it. Knock another Premiershit club out & cause upsets.”

“could the Millwall premiershit curse hit again?”

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