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“Football is dead.”

“VAR has the blood of football on its hands tonight, it has officially killed the game we once loved..”

“Fed up with celebrating non-goals. And to be against that lot”

“Well, that was Moyesy. And then VAR. I hate football.”

“I don’t know if it’s because it’s fresh in my mind but it seems like we’ve had a lot of decisions go against us as a result of VAR.”

“We were robbed of a point, and if it was liVARpool playing that goal would of stood.
Having said that, we were second best tonight.”

“Blame the new law not VAR.
VAR got it right based on the law”

“It’s ridiculous that a player having his arms by his side with his eyes closed can be called for handball when the ball is hit at him for inches away.
Especially when a Liverpool player is allowed to stick their arm out to stop the ball from 10 yards away.”

“We’re worse than VAR gutless negative performance..
Going to Sheff Utd and looking scared with the players we have.. How long does Moyes have left?”

“Gary Neville said that the attitude that coming to Sheffield united and saying a point would be a great result is everything that’s wrong with the club. We didnt play well, didnt deserve anything, and the mentality is completely wrong throughout the club if you view a draw at bramall lane as a great result when you take travelling support like that to Sheffield on a Friday night”

“Any West ham fan that doesn’t expect 3 points against that sheff utd team are idiots and are the reason why we don’t progress as a club”

“I agree with Neville, it’s pathetic that we as a club see a point away to a championship side as a good result.”

“Sheff Utd won every 50/50 tonight. Worked harder. Wanted it more”

“Sheff utd players that could only dream on out midfield wages but totally destroyed us”

“Sheffield United are a younger, fitter and frankly better side than we are. “

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“Sheffield United were the better side imo and deserved the victory”

“Sheffield Utd were far the better team. If we keep playing like this we will be in serious trouble by the end of the season. How can any hammer feel inspired watching this team at the moment?”

“Sheffield United fully deserved the points and played some decent attractive football. “

“Moyes gone senile.Just said the mood in dressing room is fine as they played well and deserved win”

“First test for Moyes and he unsurprisingly fails”

“His tactics were pretty similar to his opposition manager tonight and if anything we showed more quality when the likes of Anderson or Rice got on the ball. They capitalised on a goalkeeper error. The only other difference is they had a bit more energy in the middle as Noble was **** and Mousset works harder than Haller. Antonio in the team tonight and we would’ve pissed this”.

“How much did we have to endure to lose by just one goal. We’d done the hard bit and snuffed out home advantage after about 20 minutes. Following that we looked comfortable and on the up in the remaining 25 mins of the 1st half. Start the 2nd half off and no real advantage either way. Then the error and goal. Due to that we had to then re-assert ourselves against a bouyed crowd and a team handed a goal. But we came back into it with 4 chances on goal to finish the stronger side. 2 disallowed goals, 2 terrible finishes from Lanzini and Haller should have had us level much earlier.”

“Both teams weren’t great, Sheffield Utd probably edged it with their energy.”

“They’re not easy on the eye but fair play to them”

“Theykicked the **** out of us and got away with it cos of that joke of a ref. We are significantly better and more organised that we were under Pellegrini we would have gotten smashed if he was still in charge, Sheff Utd are no mugs this season have a look at the league table”

“They had a couple of free headers from corners but other than that created nothing. Not to mention the savage hack on Anderson that has us down to 10 for 10 minutes…”

“We only lost because we were punished for a mistake.
They had 2 mistakes that Anderson and Lanzini didn’t take advantage of.
That’s basically what it came down to. Two average teams, one took their chance. “

“Played against a 5th place Sheffield United team away from home and pretty much kept them out the whole game bar Martin’s mistake”

“We didn’t deserve to lose the game. Sheffield United offered nothing, they are solid for sure but a gift for a goal from a GK mistake”

“How SU are where they are is a mystery, they’re a bit rubbish . We’re a lot rubbishier though.”

“Imagine being a Sheffield United fan and potentially dropping points at home to that shite”

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By Roy

12 thoughts on “View From West Ham”
  1. Sour Grapes springs to mind. The ball hit his hand which brought it under control for him to score.. If it had not it would have gone straight past him.. Correct decision get over it…And while we are at it.. We were told to forget about the Tevez affair publicly by your gaffer for you dickheads to then wear the tevez mask?? Pathetic call yourselves fans??

  2. O dear-the Hammers fans need to wake up and smell the coffee.They lost to an all British side with British names who cost virtually nothing.The 5 man defence cost a total of £5 million.Justice has been done!

  3. Both teams were rubbish I can’t understand why Snodgrass wasn’t on from the start he’s a jinx to Sheffield and always scores against us
    Blades played better in second half and when
    Lunstrum was replaced it seamed more in control

  4. Being honest as a blade we have had 8 vars go against us, at Man City we had a goal disallowed for hand ball after it hit fleck arm from a cross. No point in moaning about just got to get on with it, some decisions go with you and some don’t

  5. To the guy who called the mighty blades a championship team let me enlighten you,we actually got automatically promoted from that league therefore are now a premier league team like you ,we definitely don’t play that bad all the time which is why we are pushing for fifth place not worrying about relegation, I do think you are too good to go down and will sort your selves out, best of luck ,happy blade

  6. Blade comes in peace. Its the new law that’s come in. If it hits a hand deliberate or not and ends up a goal, not counted. We been on the end of a few. How it improves the game I don’t know. Hard to swallow.

  7. To all these well 75 percent off these comments I got few words we beat you cheating cockney bastards tevez 3rd party ownership but stayed in prem cos brooking tosser was on fa board well guess what var is great

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