“Well, I’m back to not caring about football again. Was a fun 3 weeks lads.”

“Genuinely is becoming an absolute farce this season now. 6 wins and 11 draws. Beyond awful.”

“good point and closer to our goal for the season staying up. Im confident we will stay up now”

“Disappointing not to win it in the end, should have sealed it before they scored”

“Is there anything more stressful than Arsenal defending a 1 goal lead? Literally”

“should have won FC”

“Draw FC”

“Worse 90 mins under Arteta, never got going
Sheffield utd are really well organised”

“Sheffield Utd are a good, well drilled team.”

“Sheffield United have players who earn modest salary and are so unattractive to the big clubs they probably feel quite fortunate to be in the position. Grateful even.
That’s why they would run through a brick wall for the team and the manager. Who in our team would do that for the badge or manager. Nobody.”

“say what you want about Sheffield Utd but there a far more stable side than us at the minute and difficult to beat, that’s just where we are as a team currently”

“Sheffield United had players that could match us for speed, power and even technique. this is a bang average squad that has a HUGE summer of recruitment ahead. As for this season, it’s a write off.”

“I’m more optimistic with these performances and average results over those good results but poor performances. I say average because you’re also not considering the quality of the opposition. Teams like Sheffield and Palace are very good. Palace got a draw at the Etihad today, are City poor too?”

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“Sheffield is a pretty good team and we looked solid in defence until the goal.”

“Sheffield united were comfortable the whole game. We were at home. We are Arsenal FC and they are coming to the Emirates and being comfortable. They leave with a point so stop talking about some mythical improvement. Improvement is dominating matches. Improvement is winning matches and having some impact on where we finish in the league.”

“Many of you are saying
“We looked solid against Sheffield United”.
Go and repeat them words and think about it. “

“What a shit performance.
Shit result.
Because we are a shit quality team.”

“none deserved to win today. Pretty average game all around.”

“The only positive I guess is that we thoroughly outplayed Sheffield from 25-30 minutes onwards. They really had one spell towards the end.”

“Sloppy first 20 minutes but after that we dominated scored good goal failed to score 2nd got robbed by var and Sheffield score via deflection in 83 minutes. Frustrating.”

“Pen not given and lucky deflection for them. Usual stuff.”

“Proud of the effort. Should’ve had a penalty. Unlucky goal conceded through a deflection.”

“MOTM for Sheffield United was VAR”

“How comeit;s not a penalty? because :
1.Martin Atkinson at VAR
2.Mike Dean as Referee
3.Arsenal is not Liverpool”

“We should file a lawsuit against the premier league
and FA
officials for bias against Arsenal
How on earth is that Pepe Foul in the box not a Penalty?”

“Joke of a VAR, joke of a goal they get.
We’re not great, but we did not deserve a loss this game, we simply didnt. I’m not mad at the team, i’m mad at the obvious unfair treatment we’ve received this entire season. How are you supposed to compete when VAR has effectively ****ing busted us at least 9 points this season.”

“Arsenal have lost more points this season due to Var mistakes (10 Points)
Let that sink in..”.

“So. Another win VAR has stolen.”

“Corruption at its finest”

“Man we deserved to win this game but var and the players incapability to kill of a game hurt us again.”

“Mike Dean with his job again. That’s the definition of a clear pen.
I thought they want to use monitors more often now?”

“it was a dive”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Arsenal”
  1. Hahahahaha.your goal was deflected on the pass.What goes around.On paper(money)you should have battered us today,but hey ho little old Sheffield UTD did a good job on you.We dont like diving twats either.

  2. Wake up and smell the coffee Arsenal fans.Looking at the names in your line up it looks like they have recruited from anywhere but Britain.One player cost £70 million and was substituted at Bramall Lane.The whole 5 man defence for the Blades cost £5 million.Nuff said!

  3. Never a penalty. When did Arsenal look like scoring? We had the better chances! As for our deflected goal,how do you think the ball ended up at martinellis feet !! You seem to have the same big club mentality as the rest,we have had more VAR go against us than any other premier league side this season,FACT. Just suck it up and give credit where it’s due. We deserved a point,could’ve even won it at the end if McBurnie could shoot or head a bit better!

  4. All the Arsenal fans moaning look at the replay of the pen, there is zero contact and Pepe just launches himself into the air. It’s a sad state of affairs when you’re relying on excuses for not beating us, mind you most teams have done it this season COYRAWW.

  5. What a joke this guy is, take off you deluded spectacles and see the game for what it is, yes he dived obviously he went over the top with his dive, maybe that’s why the ref didn’t give it, yes you are the mighty Arsenal and the pub team took 4 pts from you, the one thing you lacked that the blades have in abundance is Heart… we play for the badge, the fans, and our manager. Something that you dont

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