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“So in theory, this should be fairly straight forward. Sheffield United are really looking decent this season but we’re at home and seem to have a fresh approach about us under Mikel.”

“If we win this we’ll climb to 1 point behind Sheffield United.
Never thought I’d ever say that. “

“Would take a point.
We’re in a dreadful time”

“Bit of 6 pointer really if we have any designs of finishing higher than mid table.”

“Really we should win this. We have the much stronger team on paper. Arteta will have had all week to train with and prepare the players for this game and we’re at home.
BUT they are a very well organised side, deservedly sitting high up in the league and we’ve struggled to create many chances against much worse. Plus no Auba to bail us out by taking one of the few chances we create. Doesn’t bode well.”

“They are in pretty good form and will cause us problems. We’re conceding for fun and barely scoring and now Auba is out.”

“This is tough even if at home Sheffield will keep defending deep and try to hit us either on counters with Auba is out it’ll be more difficult for us to get goals need Pepe and Laca take responsibility.

“without Auba and with Sheff U’s tight defence i think it could only be a draw”

“We won’t score more than 1 without Aubameyang”

“Extremely well organized side. Does their basics very well. Table doesn’t lie.
I don’t think we are going to create a lot of chances against a team like this. Key is to take every chance that comes along. And for that reason, Auba missing is going to be a huge factor. The rest of the forwards are far less incisive.”

“Not type of game that we need atm.They’re decent in defence and can be very tricky opponent.”

“Weirdly confident about this one.
They have been nothing short of brilliant this season and aren’t just a defensive team, they can play some good stuff at times.
Got a feeling Luck might start to change for us”

“Will be a tight, close and physical game.”

“They are hard to play, physical team. We should not play Özil in this”

“No Auba, no Kolasinac or Tierney, no Torreria.
Two of our best players out.
Not ideal but no excuses here, we still have Ozil, Lacazette, Martinelli and Pepe ……… if we can’t get goals with that then the players need to have a serious hard look at themselves.”

“As long as we score 3 goals in the first half hour, we’ll win this”

“United is about to feel the wrath of Arteta. This might be the game where Laca will step up and be counted when it comes to scoring goals. 4-0 to the Arsenal. Obviously, I’m saying all this in vanity without acknowledging how well organized they have been this season. Oh well.”

“Think we will plow them. Will do the team good to not have auba on the wing. Though I wish he could play and laca on bench”

I’ve been surprised how well Sheffield Utd have kept up their off the ball movement and pressing systems.

“I thought they’d fade away a little but they seem to have gone from strength to strength. Been in every game they’ve played this year, City away was possibly the only time they’ve been hammered.”

“Sheffield Utd were awful away to Liverpool and there’s no chance they’re gonna rock up here in a similar vein. It’s up to us to make them look like what they are- an ordinary team. “

“Very impressed with Sheffield United too, deserve to be where they are.
Kinda annoyed that these days football seems to be all about “pressing”, “work rate” and “running” though…any useless **** can do these, I want to see things on the pitch I can’t do.
Who cares about all these useless forms of basically exercising…football should be about the artistry, the technique…the mavericks that get you out of your chair…”

By Roy

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