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“Friday night in Sheffield .No trains back, and nowt to eat or drink save a greasy chip butty and a gallon of magnet.
Probably a game for over 18’s only.”

“Well up for this one on a Friday night, new ground, under the lights and a bit of angst between the 2 clubs, should be a cracker!”

“Sheffield Utd are a hard working energetic side who defend and attack as a team and as Manchester United have found , they don’t give up and keep going to the end . On paper they look like a bunch of journeymen Championship footballers but Chris Wilder and his Scouts have brought together a Squad of players capable of competing and doing well in the Premier League .
To get all three points we’ll have to be at the top of our game – Leicester City , Southampton , Liverpool and Newcastle have all beaten them at Bramall Lane so it’s not unthinkable we can’t , we look a better side already under David Moyes so let’s hope the 100% record is still intact come Saturday morning .”

“Confidence should be up after two on the bounce. I’m going for a win here”

“Lots of people raving about them this season yet we win up there and we are 4 points behind them despite the awful run we’ve had.
The one good thing is that you can be certain that Moyes will have a game plan – hopefully its to attack the game the same way we did Bournemouth as I think this is winnable. I think Sheffield will be favourites which does us a favour IMO. “

“Don’t really see why a lot of people in the media are creaming themselves about Sheffield United. Admittedly I’ve only seen them 3 times on the box, twice against the scousers and against us, and I’ve been completely underwhelmed by them.”

“This is where, I think, we will find out if it was right to bring Moyes back. Get a result here, and myself and many others who were sceptical will start to believe in him.”

“We are going to have to work our socks off for this. But Sheffield aren’t just up there because they run around a lot.”

“Not confident for this one, fear it a lot less than I did two weeks ago but they’re well organised and while the previous two wins are much appreciated, I do think the results do not reflect the full context.
Found myself somewhat rooting for them in some games, mainly due to Wilder, his post interview after the Liverpool game I found refreshing.”

“Seen a couple have mentioned the have lost their last two in the league, but those being against Man City and Liverpool away so very difficult to read anything into that. Prior to that a draw against Watford, which isn’t terrible given their resurgence.”

“a big upgrade in quality of opponents for moyes. a good team on form and winning. can we produce a good performance and get a draw up there.
crowd will be hostile and the tackles flying in. a fully committed team who will run all game. unlike Bournemouth who are on their beach !”

“If there’s one place I want to come away from with 3 points this season its the Blunts.”

“Pretty much a “must not lose” game not because of positions of where we are but because its Sheffield United.”

“Moyes can make himself a cult hero by putting a team out that beats these twats. Would be a really special victory especially after the Tevez debacle.”

“I have a very specific request for the outcome of this match.
We must only win by one goal. But that goal must come in the sixth minute of stoppage time after the board shows only four should be played. There should be no explainable reason for this such as further injuries etc. They must also have had three stonewall penalties turned away without recourse to VAR due to an electrical failure within the VAR studio. Oh but that isn’t the only mistakes of the night, our injury time goal is scored by our Argentine player Lanzini, however our newly employed shirt man finds foreign names difficult and accidently spelt it Tevez.”

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By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From West Ham”
  1. As for the last comment. Lanzini (or Tevez) doesn’t score because the lady who prints the teams shirts accidentally misspells Egans name with Chris Morgan. As happened in the 2006 season when West Sham lost 3 – 0 Egan/ Chris Morgan sends Lanzini/Tevez crashing to the floor and has the temarity to sneer at the Argie Pr#ck

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