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“Good win against a really organised side. Performance wasn’t brilliant but got the points.”

“Bloody hell, that was hard.”

“a hard thought win against a very good side. “

“That put years on me.”

“Hard fought victory against a side superbly well-drilled, full of running and a side which has consistently given sides a bloody nose.
They make the game a bit rough around the edges and although it was not one of our vintage performances, from a creative perspective, we showed a different set of characteristics, such as resilience, determination etc.”

“Hard fought win against a load of clogging wankers.Remember why I prefer wednesday now”

“Remind me of Stoke when they first got into the prem. hugely physical and aggressive and not what the majority of the leagues players are used to..
They will however get used to and prepare for their style. Will struggle in a season or two imo”

“Not much quality otherwise against an team intent on kicking us as much as possible.”

“Bunch of cloggers.
Hard faught win. “

“workman like performance, lucky not to pick up injuries”

“sums up the state of this league when Sheff Utd were 7th coming into today, absolute shite”

“scumbag sheffield ****s.”

“Sheff Utd play shit 80s football”

“like watching Wimbledon circa 80’s”

“Utd were dismal, what a poor style of football they play.”

“I despise Sheffield Utd fans
I despise Sheffield Utd players”

“Another set of no nothing nobhead fans in the Premier league. See Stoke, Burnley or Wolves”

“Hate them vile team and fans and press keep saying how great they done against us they had 2 shots on target over the the two games give over.”

“Don’t know who was more shite. Jesus, Sterling or the entire Sheff Utd team.”

“Sheffield United attempt to kick us off the park was embarrassing, Wilder is another dinosaur.”

“They really are a team in Colin Wanker’s mould.”

“Great result against a set of thugs sent out to rough us up, fucking Neanderthal tactics,Wilder has taken the mantel of Warnock for me”

“A carbon copy of Sean Dyche”

“Wilder talking shite about pushing us, saying he thinks our fans agree.
I agree they pushed us alright, they pushed our nerves to the limit with neanderthal tackling meant to maim!”

“Managers like Wilder really piss me off when they come out with shite like “Games against teams like Manchester City aren’t going to define our season”
So why set up against us as though it was a defining game for you?
And the lazy rhetoric “We’ve only just been promoted into the premier league, Manchester City have spent billions over the years”
Yes Chris, we have spent billions. That’s why we finish either first or second in the league nearly every fucking year.
Liverpool and the rags have spent a few bob too but they’re not as consistent as us.”

“They are down next year. Wilder is Mark 3 of Bassett and Warnock. Norwich play to entertain and win and they will ultimately prevail when Sheffield are back in the lower leagues.”

“Wouldn’t mind if sheff united fall apart tbh, bunch of cloggers with backwards fans. Also, wilder has a very punchable face.”

“Lost all respect for them tonight.”

“Pathetic set of fans as well – loveed in when our players bassed the ball and ept it for so long that their fans had to give up shouting handball at every touch – as i said – pathetic”

“awful team,beats the shit out of me how they have so many points on the board…”

“One of the dirtiest teams I’ve ever seen and I would imagine they will get relegated next season when the novelty factor wears off.”

“Hope they dont win another game and get relagated”

“It’s the first time I’ve really paid any attention to them, the home game I expected us to win and to be honest it was a bit of a piss up.
the new Burnley I guess.”

“game was just as expected, playing Burnley version 2, long ball and at times overly physical.”

“If that lot are 7th the Premier League must be shite. Utter garbage. Mason is a cheat”.

“Good win against a well organised, very physical team playing with 12.”

“Mason couldn’t give it to them, but he tried his best. “

“Usual disgusting cheating officiating by Mason. Club needs a new dossier on him to have him removed from our games as he is the same in every game we have him”

“Mason was shit,equal bookings i think,they set out to cripple eric and whoever else they could,vile club”

“They booed the ref, doesn’t get much more blinkered than that. Except for Liverpool fans of course. “

“The actually think they’re hard done to lol”

“We wasn’t great, but a good battling performance against a bunch of dirty bastards.
We’d see red for them tackles.
Commentary was atrocious, I bet you could watch that on SUFC own channel and it wouldn’t be as biased as that.”

“tin pot club…..nobhead fans…..Wednesday shit all over them”

“Have they stopped kicking us yet?”

By Roy

12 thoughts on “View From Man City”
  1. Most biased one eyed description of a game I’ve EVER read on one of these! Total garbage. Mason is a cheat yes,but he was giving City EVERYTHING. Too used to getting everything your own way. Shows money can’t buy class. Don’t understand the game,most of you only been going since you’ve had money. Listen to your manager,hear what he says. Always want City to beat Man Utd,Liverpool etc,and in Europe. Not anymore,time you remember what it was like to not be able to buy trophies

  2. Well heard the comments from Man Shity fans, where would they be if they had to field 7 English players, well they would be fucked with a bit of luck, the pundits love and say we have been a breath of fresh air, so who do we take notice of, people who know about football or a bunch of no mark wankers like the Shity fans, your fans are a bunch of fucking thugs UTB

  3. Quite a few ill informed and arrogant views. Did they expect sheffield just to watch the city show of overpaid ballerinas.

  4. What a load of shite from the Manchester fans !!. Diving cheats all over the pitch. Snowflake players who cry every time a hard tackle comes in. Fans are the same, all snowflakes. Didn’t hear a squeak out of them until they scored. Moaning about us being dirty, well take a look at your right back, Sheffield lad who’s hard as nails and likes to put the odd dodgy tackle in himself. Nowt wrong with it. It’s football, not fucking ballet. Get a life you sad set of mongs.

  5. Just read some of the comments
    Some remark show how tactically nieve some of there good time supporter are
    When one team worth 600million
    And one assembled for 40 million there’s bound to be a gulf in class so the team has to find a way to win ,that’s not how we play

  6. You lot aint got a clue, Not so long ago I can remember you Clogging your way out of the Lower Divisions in front of 10k deluded fans….Man Utd will always be the No1 team in Manchester & so will the fans….

  7. Fookin pussies. 1 hard tackle from besic and you cry like girls. Playing blades and still moan about Liverpool. Wan#ers

  8. Hahahahaha if we’d nicked a point or all 3 these bitter set of wankers would have had a different POV.
    No class no history of being any sort of champions they need to look over the other side of Manchester for that.

  9. Sorry little Manchester club who got massive investment on the back of their big brother. They have the nerve to call us tin pot. Can’t even fill their stadium that was a gift from the council. Fuck me, they really believe they are up there with Liverpool and Man Utd.

  10. What a bunch of nobheads City’s fans really are .Nothing left to say apart from thier manager is waaaaay more knowledgable than most of the fans in here.As for the ref comments ?????selective memory loss for the majority twas only a few weeks ago that the ref was THE ONLY REASON YOU SCORED YOUR FIRST GOAL.

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