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“I do not want to harp on about VAR but Sheffield United have had more than their fair share of being on the wrong end of VAR decisions, but I hope no such controversy occurs tonight as City visit Bramhall Lane with an odd kick-off time dating back in the day when this was a normal time to start an evening match, such is the power of TV Mogul companies like BT Sport, I am surprised that the game is not split into quarters so they can have adverts mid-match.
Sheffield are having a great season being back in the top flight and are playing some exciting football without having spent mega amounts of money a relatively small amount which comes nowhere near the amount e.g. spent by the Merseyside Club which paid for their centreback”

“Going to be a tough game especially with their brilliant home support. I just don’t think we have the mentality for a physical battle.”

“This is going to be a really really tough game.”

“Think we’re really gonna struggle here.”

“They doing quite well for a promoted team, and pretty good vs top teams as well. Fans will be up for it they know our defence can be caught very easily with some long balls, counters, set pieces. Problem is if the lesser PL clubs like Sheffield, Palace, Wolves, Norwich know this and punish us so often what the hell is our plan vs Real Madrid which should be priority we have one month to improve seriously until we play them.
I expect a very close game”

“The kid Norwood is some player.
Been impressed every time I’ve watched Sheff Utd.”

“I like Fleck. He has poise”

“Fleck is a top player. “

“The United kid they have is the future of England’s goalkeeping”

“Not going to win the league and could probably accept a draw in this one”

“tactically they are still impressive but the execution hasn’t been there recently. They’re probably feeling the effects of not being able to rotate their squad much over the Christmas fixtures”

“Sheffield looked half decent against us. We still beat them”.

“So we need to win 10 of our 15 remaining league matches to guarantee top 4, assuming all the rivals for that win all their other games? We still have Sheffield, united, and spurs to play, so good to win those especially. Be good to have those 5 games of points ‘in hand’, especially if we make cup progress.”

“Several more changes again as is the norm”

“Sheffield away game seems much harder than Palace and best players will play there”.

“It will be a tougher match than Saturday”

“Strongest side at Sheff Utd, change v Fulham, then kill Utd.”

“Stones is injured.”

“To be fair it would be hard to notice the difference with the useless sod.”

By Roy

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