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“Sheffield United deserved the win! “

“Real shame, feels like a missed opportunity as don’t feel Sheffield United were at their best. That being said they deserved the victory, they’re not where they are by luck. Hope they get Europe. We’ll bounce back.”

“I’ve seen us play better, I’ve seen us play a lot worse. It’s one of those games where a team challenging for Europe narrowly beat a team in a relegation battle.”

“As good as they were, the first goal was fortunate and the second one was poor from us. We could’ve done more with our first half chances”

“Didnt take our chances early and Sheff Utd slowly wore us down.”

“If the opposition work twice as hard as you there is a good chance they will win.”

“Sheffield United were not at their best and this feels like two points dropped.”

“They’re basically a respectable Burnley; they play similarly but actually have some talent playing the ball around on the ground as well.”

“Our rolling around in so called game management added the time Sheffield United for them to score at the end of the 1st half.
Sorry, our diving around under basic challenges was a disgrace.”

“where did that 3mins of added time in the 1st half come from?”

“Our rolling around counted for most of it”

“I don’t like the rolling around we do.”

“I don’t think we rolled around that much tbh, maybe on a rewatch it’ll stand out more. I thought Sheffield were excellent tbh, much better than I expected them to be- but still beatable. We had a few clear cut openings that we did nothing with.”

“Congratulations to Sheffield United for being the best team since Brazil’s 1970 World Cup team…………..or so the last 2 hours of listening to these tw@s on BT Sport would have me believe.”

“the fair result would have been a draw. Simple as that. We had as many chances as they did after all. Haven’t seen much mention here of that brilliant save by Henderson from Fraser at 1-1, I believe that goes in and we win the game. Fine lines.
Despite Owen Hargreaves wetting himself, Sheffield didn’t batter us at all. They actually had some spells of pressure and then the game evened off again. The game was lost because we switched off at the end .”

“”A good team?” Somehow these guys are being viewed as the second coming of 2015-16 Leicester. I saw nothing to convince me that they should be fifth in the table (except their 39 points, I guess).”

” I thought they were terrible for 30 mins, and then huffed a bit and got another lucky deflection in the box. However that was our fault for sitting back and inviting them on. Second half they did nothing, and scored a fairly well worked goal while we stood and watched them. Out played no. Out ‘desired’ absolutely.”

“fair do’s to them they just run all over you and pump high balls into the box and the pressure usually tells for them in the end.”

“Sheff United get the job done, but it’s not in a pretty way. The overlapping CB’s is a thing (media dine out on it) but it’s not why they are where they are. Essentially they just get it in the box and are physical”

“Not sure what’s ‘so refreshing’ about Sheff U. Perhaps it’s because pundits are seeing something different (bar Burnley) . They simply don’t piss about. They just get the ball into the box quickly”.

“They aren’t that good and we aren’t that bad. I thought we created more than them second half but we still managed to lose”

“they were bang average weren’t they, and we let them have 4 points.”

“Sheff U are not a better side than us on paper, which brings me back to lack of imagination, fitness provision and organisation from the management team.”

“I thought we played quite well against a good, organised side and another bloody HOMER ref”

“Threw away three potential points to a talentless, but workman like team.”

“we lost in a poor game where both teams made plenty of mistakes but they dealt with the mistakes well, you cant blame conditions as it was the same for both, the ref was shite and let alot go that would of normally been fouls. sheff utd are very much like we were apart from more physical (not dirty)”

“I’m not sure Eddie has a clue what to do with So Lankey. Its a little bit like when he didn’t know what to do with Mousset prior to us selling him on.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Bournemouth”
  1. To much rolling about from Bournemouth today 3 points from a difficult day weather wise safe trip home hope to see ya next season

  2. Good set of fans helped create a great atmosphere with a threatening team attacking at pace. Only bad point for me was the rolling about on the ground. I hope we both stay up

  3. Seeing a lot of negative comments about the Blades being average and talentless..So then how are they 5th and where the F**k are you??.. Brooksy left us to better himself.. What a big mistake that was.

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