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“We have just 2 pts fewer than 2017/18 when we were 10th. 2 pts more this time only puts us 15th.
We’ve won more games than Arsenal (10th), who’ve lost the same as Man City (2nd).
Sheff Utd (6th) have scored 1 more goal. Chelsea (4th) have conceded just 4 fewer
Funny old game”

“Weather for Sunday not looking good… high winds and heavy rain at times.
The home game in August was spoiled by unseasonably strong cross-winds as well.”

“Could work in our favour now we have started to go more direct, can turn the game into a scrap.”

“not sure about risking King in what will be physical encounter”

“I’d bank anything on team v Sheff United being unchanged other than Steve Cook in for Lerma and a switch to 343. Eddie normally likes to match opponents up when they play 3 at the back.”

“They have had an awesome season, with a magnificent 23 GA. But only 26 GF. I could barely name three players if pushed, so it should be interesting watching.
We defend well with the right line-up, midfield will be a challenge with Lerma absent but that was on the cards (bad pun alert) with him on 9 before last week – and I would almost prefer having him back against Burnley. I foresee 1-0 either way or maybe a 1-1 draw.
Our game is sandwiched between Brighton-Watford and Man City-West Ham …. this will be a very interesting weekend.”

“Chris Wilder is a bloody good manager and really pleased Sheffield United are having a good season”

“Sheffield Utd should be tremendously proud of what they’re doing. But the PL circus meat grinder will knock them down and around in time. I’m sure they know that.”

“Not many teams getting it right…Sheff Utd maybe…with the momentum from promotion…just like us ..fresh and unknown! “

“Bournemouth are a strange side we always go through a bad spell and somehow start firing in goals at this stage of this season for some reason should be a good game with goals for both teams.The difference with Sheffield United and wolves from last season finishing 7th is wolves score more goals, whereas Sheffield United score by the odd goal or two and aren’t as clinical”

“If we don’t match Sheff Utd’s workrate and fight then we will lose its that simple”

“If we can get an early goal, this could really open up for us.”

“Play at our best and there are 2 points from Sheffield and Burnley”

“Sheff Utd love the Counter attack as do Burnley so we need to balance high tempo attack with defensive discipline.”

“The trip to Sheffield will be difficult; they’ve done some good business in January and are a tough side to crack open. Hate to sound pessimistic but that’s the game we’ll most likely lose out of the three games against them, Burnley and Chelsea”.

“Not sure if Zikovic will be playing as he has just recently signed for them from a Chinese club.
But he certainly has pace”

“They have some new signings, one of which Berge is a club record fee and a very pacy forward in Richairo Zivkovic. But they probably will have to adjust to the PL. So Lee Mousset our old player and their leading scorer with 5 goals and leading with 3 assists will be one to watch.”

“They won’t care, they’re 6th.. But how did Sheffield United let Aaron Ramsdale go for £800k?
Whether he’ll be a regular starter or not is another question, but he’ll certainly be a regular squad member for England going forward. Incredible for 21 years old”

“I don’t care what Sheffield Utd do…. Simon Francis is the original overlapping CB!”

“That Divvy 2 opener in 1987 was the only time we’ve ever beaten them, I think….”.

“Didn’t we play them at some point in the 80s while wearing Chelsea’s kit, or was that a different game?”

“0-0 draw in our promotion season. First time we had played a “big” club for years.”

“Another us v Sheff Utd fact is that despite only playing 15 league matches against them, we have played them in all four tiers.”

By Roy

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