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“If we don’t take this lot seriously we’ll be in trouble. We need to be positive from the start.”

“Sheff United arguably a tougher game than the likes of Arsenal.”

“Got to be honest, Im not looking forward to it.”

“This is one game I am not looking forward to. One of our worst performance of the season was away against them. They play the type of football that gives us nightmares.”

“I don’t think we’ll match their intensity and they’ll take the points.”

“Loss written all over it”

“Who ever Roy picks it will be ultra defensive and hope we nick a goal same as always.”

“It will not make any difference who we pick, it will end up like the Southampton game with more then likely the same score, it’s just the way they play and what they’ve been doing away from home all season ..we sadly won’t like it at all and everyone on here will go bonkers again, expect nothing that’s what I advise all of you to do. “

“If we try as you desire to attack at will and in the same fashion as Sheffield United the score will end up even worse then the loss I predict, we have players who can only operate in the way they’re playing now, mainly because they’re not good enough to do otherwise. “

“I’m sorry but I’m still really on a downer from the Saints game and I don’t see an improvement in result for this one.I was at the Blades game earlier in the season and we were woeful, disinterested and just outfought and out harried. They’ll do exactly the same to us this time and we’ve shown recently we just don’t have the appetite for this type of game. I’m really not looking forward to it but I’ll be there all the same hoping for some kind of miracle that we actually play some entertaining football for a change. ”

“As Sheffield attack down the flanks Roy probably won’t go 4-4-2. More likely to stick to 4-3-3 with the two wide forwards helping out with defence on the wings.”

“Ayew can drop back to help out the midfield when needed and Wilf can have the freedom to roam. I usually would say I prefer him out on the wing but Sheff Utd effectively snuffed him out last time out and I think he and Ayew would make us more fluid. I also think this line up would give us better cover on the wings, which Sheff Utd seem keen to exploit”

“Man I love Chris Wilder and look how he speaks about us. Massive admiration for everything he’s doing at Sheffield United. Hopefully then don’t beat us on Saturday ffs”

“If you’d been told in August that we’d be 3pts behind Sheff Utd at this point you be thinking “oh shit” – until you were also told that Chelsea and Spurs would have lost more games than us and that we’d be above Arsenal as well.”

“Sheff Utd are said to be having a great season… they have 33 points??Just think
2 extra wins rather than losses
Silly draws///
and that Wolves 2 pts lost, we would be 5th!!But two of those games we won had we lost, we would be 16th!!”

“Without a game being played, we have gone from 25/1 to 14/1 at best for relegation. Lose against Sheff United and things will start looking even worse. Where are all the people assuming we have been doing really well with one of the highest wage bills in the country?”

“I think staying up will require 44 points this season.”

“44 to stay up, would need some bizarre results”

“this is a season where the bottom teams are constantly taking points off each other. If this trend continues it will be less points required than usual to stay up not more. Be surprised if we need 38”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Crystal Palace”
  1. Chris Wilder can take an underperforming player from his former club, polish that particular turd and mould him into the “Sheffield United way”

    It’s as much about man management as it is about football…

    He’s one of our own!???

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