“Delete club”

“I don’t know why I bother, frankly.
Sometimes we’re lucky to get nil.”

“Hodgson must be gutted, one mistake away from a 0-0 draw.”

“Easy double over us”

“Our Midfield was woeful today. We were outplayed in both the Southampton and Sheffield matches. We desperately needed creativity… And today lacked any”

“We still look pretty blunt up top, but SU are a very good defensive outfit.”

“To be fair Shef Utd have a good defence and aren’t a bad side. But we haven’t got a player with any competence in front of goal.”

“We were technically better than them, but they were very well organised.”

“Sheffield United really weren’t anything special.”

“Got out shit housed today simple as that.
Fair play to them.”

“Real shite house win that from Sheffield United from a game with nothing in it. Way it goes sometimes, decent from us for the most part. “

“Creatively they are the poorest team we have played this season. Organised? Yes, but they offered very little until we gifted them their goal.
Thoroughly, thoroughly depressing.”

“They are cloggers and have a system on the occasions they get possession. It’s 90% guile and effort, 10% actual skill. Awful side, can’t stand teams like this in our top flight regardless of how much love you want to give them.”

“Ffs they’re not cloggers, they’re a decent team punching above their weight. Next season will be tougher for them.”

“Why will it be tougher? Surely decent players of skill will canter into the same position again. Or is it that they are organised cloggers punching”….

“I don’t like bigging up Sheffield United, because **** them… but I find it hard to deny that what they’ve done this season is impressive. It’s rare that any promoted team performs the way they have, so there’s more to it than “clogging” or simply being organised. Besides, it’s weird us criticising them for that when we’re hardly Barcelona or Brazil ourselves. We’ve basically been a kick and rush team for most of our time in the Premier League.
I don’t want us to be cloggers, I want us to develop an identity that isn’t just get the ball to Zaha and hope for the best.”

“The fact is that on the balance of the season, they’ve played better football than us. Scored more goals, created better chances and likely had more possession. So again: what does it say about us when we’ve looked so ineffectual against them home and away. We’ve haven’t looked close to breaking them down, so it stands to reason that if they’re championship level cloggers then we must be lower championship level given how easily they’ve dealt with us”

“It’s not “US” that have looked ineffectual against them, it’s loads of sides. But the way they do it is awful anti-football. But if you like that then you must love Burnley and Huddersfield”

“I thought we were by far the better team against one of the top away teams in the Prem. They were a nasty time wasting fouling team who deserved nothing.”

“I bet Chris Wilder can’t believe his luck, Utd played awful and walked away with all 3 points!
We play a truly miserable brand of football. People pay good money to watch that crap.”

“That’s 3 home games since the new year and we’ve lost to Derby, Saints and Sheff Utd without scoring a goal and never really looking convincing. Worrying times. Anyone who thinks we are safe from going down is deluded”

“Took my old man today. He said “why do Palace not attack down their right hand side?”. A simple observation from a man who watches very little football. We’re so unbalanced. It’s horrible. Fit Townsend will help somewhat, but we needed an attacking RB, we needed creativity from midfield. Complacent.”

“So didn’t deserve to lose today”

“Didn’t deserve that at all ffs”

“until they scored we were by far the better team. Its just we have a shocking striker.”

“Honestly, played well. VG’s first error and it happens I guess. This lineup was great but just want Max to start and I think we can create many more chances but inspiring game for me. Shows we can attack”

“Sheff Utd should have been playing with 10 men for over half the game and yet the ref tried to send Ward off!”

“As for Andy Madley, his incompetence knows no bounds. That was one of the most embarrassing refereeing performances I’ve seen at Selhurst”

“The ref was an utter joke. Booking Tomkins, nearly sending Ward off for a foul not even bookable, and letting SU get away with foul after foul, including one on Wilf that nearly took his legs off.”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Crystal Palace”
  1. I think palace were unlucky, i agree we were lucky not to go ten down. I would have accepted a draw at best but to come away with three , ecstatic.

  2. How on earth can people say Sheffield United are cloggers.They are probably the smallest side in the Premier League.They have had one red card all season and that for a forward’s tackle on the touchline.As to the game today they got 2 yellow cards.Palace had 3 and a rescinded red card.What’s more they don’t dive at every opportunity like a certain Palace player.Seems to me that people can’t accept how well they have done this season with virtually an all British team and a 5 man defence that cost the grand sum of £5million.A bit of praise wouldn’t go amiss.

  3. I can’t believe some of these comments! It was as if they (Crystal Palace) had gone to the goalkeepers school of diving, not to mention how many times they hassled the officials. Play football, get paid, go home and stop whining like a bunch of pre schoolers! Tough game with a Steely team, Sheffield United deserving of the win and no mistake made by them to say otherwise.

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