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“I’m not sure if this one will attract a big crowd. We love a cup game against the premier sides but how do you see it? We play them on regular basis, they’re no Spurs or Everton and there’s a good chance that both managers will select squad players”

“It didn’t exactly get me too excited as like you say, we played them a lot recently” “Always a good atmosphere against Sheffield U”

“always a good atmosphere when Shef utd come to the den”.

“Trains from Sheff to London are knackered so don’t expect them to bring many.”

“They are a real good side. I really like them”

“Given our form at the moment, people might think an ‘Upset’ could be on the cards.”

“Wilder says he’s expecting to make maybe 2-3 changes, so this will be tough.”

“An intriguing game where both managers are set to make changes. They are a decent side who have made their mark in the premiership in their first season who can give anybody a run for their money home or away. Their big dilemma is do they sacrifice a place in the fifth found when there are bigger riches to gain from a higher position in the league and a possible Europa League place. Sadly, as glorious as the FA Cup was in the past it now only offers small change for Premiership clubs.”

“I hope we don’t progress, I like our league form too much to risk injuries!”

“Save players like Jed ,we got more chance of winning the league than the cup”

“Unlike other seasons we’ve got other interests and right now for me the cup isn’t as attractive as last season, when it was a diversion from league reality.”

“I couldn’t give a shit about the cup this season. I usually love it, but I’m not even going Saturday. We’ve been spoilt with the cup in recent years, all I care about this season is the league”

” I don’t think Sheff Utd will play their first team but Rowett might also have in mind that we are playing Leeds on the following Tuesday.”

“The ideal scenario is a weakened team told to play their arses off with pride for the club and only just lose, so everyone’s impressed and we don’t feel like we lost really, then go and grab a dream result Tuesday night, that’s the one I’m bothered about.”

“Leeds will have had nine days rest to our two, i’d say that’s quite an advantage”.

“A chance of the play offs or getting hammered by a premier team in the latter rounds and squad fatigue/ injuries. Hmmmmmmmmn let me think about that”

“We can’t rest many of our team.
We don’t have that big a squad.”

“The way i see it, its a game we can win even if they play a full strength team, plus a bit of money if we progress. Obviously avoiding injuries would be a massive bonus, beat Sheffield United and going into the Leeds game our confidence will be sky high, the last thing we want is a draw, then have to go back to their ground for a replay..”

“Strongest side out & have the intention to win. Otherwise dont bother selling tickets and forfit the game.”

“The way things are going, means every player will be up for both games & rightly so.
Play to win or dont bother!
We can beat Sheff Utd on Saturday & go into Tuesday doing the same.”

“Let’s hope Sheffield put the reserves out”

“We have been playing well of late and we have a chance to progress by beatin at least 6 first teamers but we will show no fear and knock them out “.

“Northern tramps, we will beat em,and then we will go onto beating the cheating savile loving shit eaters. Fact”

“lets piss on the yorkshire Twats”

“Yorkshire week for Millwall so the plan is Go in the away end against Sheffield United
pull a bird and go back to Sheffield with her. Stay at hers all week going to Leeds
midweek and Sheffield Wednesday on Sat. After taking me home she’ll feel like she’s won after
Millwall win. “

“Brush up on Dee dar speak”

“Ay up lad is that ground tother yonder see thee Tha can have me sister but not me Hendersons”

By Roy

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