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“A point against one of the best performing sides in the division this season, who outplayed us at home.”

” I thoroughly enjoyed today’s game. Yes it wasn’t a pretty game but too often this season we’ve played attractive football with no reward – Villa away being a classic example. GP set the team up deliberately to combat a big physical side and it worked against today’s opponents. Wilder had no complaints at the result and recognised we had done our job efficiently. Well played Albion including a very healthy away following who clapped the team off very proudly at the end of the game.”

“it was a Hughtonesque performance and we pulled it off. A valuable point, if not an entertaining spectacle.”

“Still a fan of Potterball but pleased to see the change in tactics and personnel today to take on SU in a physical battle.”

“Horrible game of football to watch and still heading back from the game now. Feel like we stole a point. But will happily take it.”

“We can’t play like that every week though. Shelf united had enough chances to win that. Had we been playing a better team they’d have finished us off when we started to hoof everything clear. But these tactics worked well against Sheff U. Potter had obviously spotted how Sheff U aren’t really a great team with the ball, just one who win all the 2nd balls, throw themselves into tackles and show a never give up attitude in how they close down everything. But in technical terms they are not great. So we went there and tried to force them to play by sitting back and allowing them time on the ball. They couldn’t invent much other than crosses in which our back 3 did very well in dealing with. Could’ve nicked a win had Dunk scored but it’s very evident we’re too good to go down.”

“Looking at the table there aren’t many better ‘teams’
Good point despite what Twaddle continually said on the radio we played it right…SU have got a very good away record…partly because they like teams coming at them..we’d have played right into the hands if we had done that…hard fought result we have to reinvent ourselves next Saturday when we will be looking for all three points”

“Shef pressed very well and were usually there for the second ball.”

“Good point really SU are a very tough side”

“The amount of crosses sheffield united got in compared to us was crazy. “

“I think we really missed out in bagging mcbernie I think him and Maupay would’ve made a fantastic pairing”

“They passed through us all game. Won every 2nd ball. Best side I have seen at the Amex. We were lucky today.”

“I thought we were awful and very lucky to get a point”

“we were awful but got a point.”

“The number of teams that have got a lucky and undeserved point against us tis season – West Ham, Villa, Burnley, Newcastle for a start – it’s about time we got a point we didn’t deserve! That’s the point I would happily have taken at kick off!”

“Should have been a red and penalty. They were better side though. Potter had it right. Away at bramble lane need those fighters today good point maybe an important one”

“Ref has some Sheffield United family I think”

“I found that a very annoying point. Every 50/50, every ricochet, everything seemed to fall sheffields way. We defended well enough, maybe I’m getting used to having 60%+ of the possession. I stand by my observation of them being the wasp at the picnic”

“Watching Final Score, Garth Crooks has been very complimentary about us, and stated Lundstram should have gone.”

“Sheff Utd are not as good as the hype.”

“That lot aren’t a real top six side we just failed to win any second balls, midfield turned over possession far to easily.”

“Nope…i think you could be mistaken there
26 46 76
Man City
26 38 54
26 28 50
27 8 44
27 8 40
Sheff Utd
27 4 40″

“Albion away supporters – 10……sounded brilliant on my stream”

“Sheffield was a brilliant away day. Proper stadium, proper fans, proper game of football. Loved it!
We robbed a point. Good luck for the rest of the season, blades”

“Blades vs Owls
What a difference
Same City, yet such a difference.
Blades Fans Classy…
Thumbs up
Whereas, Wednesday fans Classless..”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Brighton”
  1. Congratulations to the Brighton fans who completely filled the away end having come a long way on a wild day and who added to the atmosphere.Wish I could praise the Brighton team though who are typical of a number in the Premier League when it come to conning the referee,diving,time wasting ,etc.The only side I’ve seen at Bramall Lane who practise the dark arts more are Southampton.Must be a south coast thing!

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