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“Sheffield United are a quality side, no doubt. Chris Wilder doing a superb job. We had a proper go but to no avail. Hope the#Blades make Europe and an FA Cup Final too! Gutted, but the best team won.”

“they are a really good unit”

“TBF we flattered to deceive all game. At timeS it looked pretty but we never looked like scoring
Men v Boys in the first 15-20min and I feared a spanking was in the cards, but we grew and grew into the game. I’m not sure what happened but Sheff Utd went to crap. They seemed to just hand us midfield but they also seemed comfortable with fact we never looked like we intended to score
In short, enjoyed the pretty football but we are still overplaying everything
// also, First time watching the overlapping Centre back thing in the flesh. It’s really interesting to watch. I can see why they’re doing so well in the prem. Even if they didn’t offer much tonight”

“we looked good. Movement was much better, and our own tracking of Sheff Utds outstanding movement was excellent. Our passing was much sharper than it has been and we played very calmly and nicely under their pressing. It makes our performance last week all the more baffling”

“disappointing to match a side challenging for the top 4 and lose it on some bad decisions”

“deserved win in the end for SU, but only just. One would probably have trouble guessing which was the strugglling champ side and which was the in-form PL side.”

“No harm in losing to the best team in Yorkshire. Made them look average at times.”

“we made a Prem team look very ordinary for long periods”

“Sheffield United were bang average.”

“.On evidence that must have been the Blades worst performance of the season.”

“They really are nothing special. Two poor goals conceded which was a shame because we defended well for the most part.”

“Blast me for saying this, that’s fine, but this team really isn’t far off being a PL team.”

“Lets’ not get carried away
This was not the well-oiled Sheff Utd machine that has taken them to 8th in the Premier League.
The defence bar one was their normal set-up but all the rest for most of the game were fringe players and posed far less of an attacking threat than if Fleck and Norwood had been pulling the strings.
I saw Sheff Utd at Bournemouth back in August and haven’t been surprised at how well they have done-their passing is accurate but their downfall is in striking options and they don’t make many chances but when they do they tend to take them , just like last night .”

“We actually outplayed Sheffield United in big parts of the game and deserved to really go at least to penalties. However they were a Very well organised team. Extremely quiet set of fans might I add”

“Who said Sheffield United av best support in prem wank barely sang few kids at back giving it large didn’t show up after game wat a state”

“literally sing for 2 minutes after they score and are then silent for the whole game. Embarrassing”

“It must be time we turned the tables on Sheff Utd again. In the 00s we were their bogey team; we dominated them. But they seem to have had our number for the past 10 years or so.”

“As long as Billy Sharp plays for them we will be their bitch.”

“It had to be bloody Billy Sharp didn’t it”

“Not many footballers I would wish an injury on, but Billy Sharp is right up there”

“Sharp is clearly a bit of a knob but I’ve no real issue with that.
bit of a weird thing to say at the end of the game though. Looked a little like Baldock avoided shaking his hand as well”

“Billy Sharp owes us nothing. Everyone crying about him really needs to man up a little bit, he’s a winner and he scores goals. He has a right to be arrogant.”

“Sharp and Mcgoldrick – it was like a heritage evening.”

“United’s strikers do what all strike partnerships of that ilk do and successfully confuse the centre backs about which should be marking them. McGoldrick then drifts to the back post and gets in the gap between Morrison and Obita. Big strikers will always look to take on the full back – Ricky Lambert scored a lot of his goals that way, it’s half of Meite’s game – so I think Morrison should be the one taking responsibility for him. But it’s a systematic error rather than an individual failing.”

“Sander Berge is absolutely outstanding. Dictates almost every Sheffield United move. It’s some claim. But he’s the closest I think I’ve seen to Busquets.”

“He was the one that dribbled it out of play when no one was near him because he couldn’t control it properly”

“think they were missing Norwood and Fleck, often resorted to long balls which Morrison and Miazga dealt with fairly comfortably. Didn’t see much of their trademark runs from their 3 CB’s, but they defended well and you can see why they don’t concede often with them there and with Henderson in goal”

“Henderson didn’t have much to do but still managed to flap at a few crosses that were put in. Certainly not ready for England yet”

“What did Henderson do against us?
Wasn’t like we had like 50 shots and he saved them all. Our penalty was amazing and perfect but he didn’t save it. No clean sheet.
Yes he has done well this season but from that performance against us doesn’t get you picked.”

“Him and Pope are better than Pickford.”

“Presumably Sheff have a printer but on different settings to ours.
Medium height, white, short brown hair, efficient without being exciting
A few where the height setting got adjusted up 6 inches”

“Sheffield scored that 2nd at home VAR would have overturned that straight away. Either put VAR in every single cup game or don’t have it at all. Premier league teams have such a massive advantage over smaller teams in cups because of this. Sort it out.”

“I’m not saying we deserved to win that, but gutting to match a side doing so well and lose to some bad reffing”

“Disgraceful refereeing performance”

“Pretty sure Friend looked back at the penalty he gave us and compensated for it the rest of the game by allowing United players to manhandle us throughout without punishment
Saw on here that no team outside the Prem have won the FA Cup for 40 years. It won’t change with corrupt refereeing performances like that where they clearly favour the bigger team. Should be ashamed of himself”

“Prem ref for Prem clubs, his “performance” was shocking.”

By Roy

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  1. That pen was soft so I don’t know how we are saying we got given nothing if VAR was used in that match that pen would have never been given

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