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“Feels like a loss”

“I’d have taken a point before the game, but feel we should’ve won that.
Not pretty but effective”

“A typical Burnley side would have got all 3 points today, in the end a well earned point. “

“They press quickly on the counter and overload the middle which is really hard to defend against. Second half was odd as they really didn’t look like scoring.
They were much better than us for the first 20 then after that we coped easily enough with them. Even without key spine players”

“2 missed chances cost us in the end but otherwise a fair result”

“A fair scoreline”

“1-1 about right over the piece, we had some good chances, but so did they”

“So frustrating, sometimes…
Well earned by the Blades, though.”

“It’s a good point but we missed two sitters that should have been buried. It was a poor game compared to the Palace game and we didn’t look quite at it. Maybe too many games too quickly.”

“Despite us creating the chances to win it, we were been poor today. Sheffield United probably deserved all 3”

“I thought we played well in first half and dug in 2nd half. We could have won it with Vyrda and McNeil’s sitters but overall a fair result. Hard earned point against a well organised team very similar to ourselves”

“Thought we did really well to get a point today. Very impressed with Sheff Utd. Lots of big mobile units who are decent footballers too. McGoldrick has done really well to reinvent himself in the role he played today. Always available and able to play the incisive ball to get attacks moving. We defended well but if you get enough balls into the box, which they did, then there is always the chance that you will create an opening. Shame about the missed chances but a win would have flattered us. That is not a criticism as with such a patched up side we did well to compete with a top half team, who were not as depleted as us.”

“before today Sheff Utd had only lost 3 away games, Liverpool, City, and Newcastle when they went down to 10 men, they’re clearly no mugs, hence why they sit 8th in the league”

“For all their posession they didn’t look like scoring many. I can see why some teams find Sheff Utd hard to play against though.
Not a great game imo”

“A strange game really that Sheffield United controlled, but yet we scored the same number of goals as them and missed two glorious chances that really should have been buried.”

“Awful, awful performance
Lucky to get a point
Dyche sat and watched us getting overwhelmed all through the 2nd half.

“Result not a great deal of help to either team in their European chase but a fair enough result. Thought the Vydra chance early doors was difficult because Henderson narrowed the angle well but McNeil should have done better after J Rod’s strike.
Has to be said, Egan’s strike was superb.”

“The Egan has landed.”

“Just a mention to the apparent future England number 1 Henderson, thought he was very poor and he patted to 25 yard efforts right back into the danger zone which should have led to goals.
Our longest rest we’ve had and we looked tired and sloppy, I put it down to the re shuffle and the amount of partnerships broken.
Another point on the board, but a game to forget really.”

“no what you want from a potential England Keeper”

“The more sides we have in the PL like Sheff Utd and ourselves, the better it is for English football. Proves money cannot guarantee success. This top 6 that everyone talks about is thankfully starting to be dismantled. I think Wolves have been immense and who knows how good Leeds might prove to be”

“So it is possible for two teams to play a PL game without feigning injury, rolling around and trying to get players sent off?! Total respect for Sheffield United
and Chris Wilder.”

“Gets his side playing decent football while h a lot of people don’t believe is possible on these finances.”

“wilder comes over as a nice, genuine and knowledgeable bloke to me; down to earth and not up his on backside like many are.”

“He is a genuinely nice guy. I know him from his time at Halifax, when my old man was poorly Chris was round at the house regularly”

“TV after match analysis: 2 mins
…can’t wait to move onto their premier darlings!”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Burnley”
  1. Pretty fair from Burnley fans, the more teams like Burnley and ourselves, with two good managers, stick around the Prem and can get good honest grafters playing for us, the better.

    The overpaid, roll on the floor brigade can stick with “the big boys” for me, I’ll take Burnley and Blades players all day long.

    1. Good stuff from their comments, fair result and no divas pretending to be footballers from either side ?

  2. Fair comments from Burnley fans thought a draw was a fair result Burnley have done really well to hold their own in the prem with a good manager hope we can emulate them.

  3. It’s about time we had proper supporters ..the Burnley lads gave fair comments which you wouldnt here from the so called big teams .total respect lads

  4. Well done Burnley fans. Honest appraisal and well spotted showing BBC bias towards favourite glamour boys. Keep up the good work. UTB

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