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“That’s generous to us ! “

“I think they deserved that”

“They pressed us big time and I lost count the amount of times we passed it sideways, and sideways, then shorter sideways, then hoofed it. Good job Coady had a good game. Shocking football”

“Fair play to Sheffield United, they outplayed us at Molineux and executed the smash and grab perfectly tonight.”

“Fair play Sheff Utd. They beat us at our own game!”

“Dean Henderson will never have an easier game.”

“Sheff United were awarded at the end for trying to win the game with their subs.”

“Sheffield United are a smart team and Wolves handled them well apart from the crucial moment”

“Not much in it but only one side went for the win in those last ten”

“The Blades are a good team, the table doesn’t lie, they’ve got great results all season, they’re big and physical and not lacking in skill either.”

“2 sides that had respect & were wary of each other – a game that needed a bit of inspiration or a mistake which we didn’t really get.”

“We were marginally the better side in the first half. Second half was pretty even before the sub”

“Doc got a bit of a doing from Stevens.”

“If it was that easy to get 6th in the PL using only 12 players the likes of Utd, Spurs and Arsenal would have been doing it for years and saving on the wage bill. Who could we have brought on to rest legs or effect change? Nuno seemingly doesn’t trust Podence or MGW much and Kilman, Burr, Jordao and Campano are really just squad fodder? Even Sheff Utd can cope without Fleck, Lundstrom and McGoldrick, we look stretched even with pretty much a full squad!”

“I am worried about next season already. There is a reason pundits keep harping on about the number of games having an impact – because they do. Despite a Covid break we have come back looking tired and our play has been sloppy. If we do get past Okympiacos we will have a short or very short break and I think it will massively impact on next season’s performances. As said above we need to start using more than 12 players. Arsenal’s subs upped the tempo against us so they ran out comfortable winners and tonight the two forwards SU brought on added impetus to their play.”

“Poor performance against a good team and ****e conditions for both.”

“no-one could run with the ball on that pudding of a pitch in the second half.”

“Wilder did a job on us with head tennis for starters then lobbing balls to nick corners as a main. Was a foul night to play football ,the pitch seemed like a skating rink for Jota and Adama both slipping at vital points in the game but credit to the blades for getting into every wolves player for 90 mins plus. We never had control going forward and this was down to the Sheff Utd players doing everything they could to block , tackle and disrupt our play.”

“They are obviously great at set pieces, why try to give away silly free kicks corners. “

“Sheff Utd looked very average yet we looked worse”

“Sheff Utd simply wanted it more and never stopped competing and in the end, got their spoils. We had more quality, they had more desire.”

“Sheff Utd hardly played well, but there was only one team making an effort tonight.”

“Can’t beat Sheffield United in two games. Crap”

“tbf they looked much better when McBurnie went off.”

“They were **** now one can say otherwise if that’s the top teams in England now wonder we struggle. Like spurs Everton it was ****ing dire football”

“**** off you Burnley mk2 ****s”

“I hate Sheffield United the plucky little club who are punching above their weight but they thoroughly deserved to nick it tonight and thats a travesty”

“They’ll be bottom 7 next season. May Find goals difficult. Will do well to stay up without major strengthening”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Wolves”
  1. Good match from two good teams who have been underachieving for too long. Only difference between us is that Wolves defended well for 92 minutes and we defended well for 93 minutes. Think both teams will improve next term.

  2. Great comments apart from the plucky little club. I know we’re not a massive club but come on, how much bigger do you think you are. In all fairness both clubs have done amazing. Id like to see us both continue. Got a quality little team there and a top manager. Its great to see different clubs up there doing well.

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