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“Just been humiliated by Sheffield United.”

“They embarrassed us”

“just forget about top 4. Congrats to Sheffield United

“sheffield looked like Bayern”

“They are a great team”

“Can’t argue with the result .. take nothing away from a good sheff Utd side”

“Well Done Sheff Utd”

“What’s scary is that Sheffield could easily have scored 5! Easily.”

“Well deserved sheff Utd win I saw them at Stamford bridge & they looked good we were embarrassed today”

“SU embarrassed us from start to finish”

“Can we buy the Sheff Utd defence?”

“It’s like we had less players, Sheff Utd players seemed to be everywhere “

“Didnt win a single personal battle across the field.
Barely laid a glove on them.”

“Sheff Utd are a very average side on paper but boy, they play as a TEAM. Everyone playing for each other – no stars or prima-dona’s and they and their coach gave us a lesson. They played to their strengths, exploited our weaknesses and were runaway winners and deservedly so. We could do with some of their defenders and their attitude and mentality.”

“This was like watching a precession of league winners facing Sheffield United, going through the motions
If I don’t launch my fist through a wall tonight it will be a miracle.”

“Why do I put myself through this nonsense of football on my vacation. I should be enjoying my time off from work with my family.
Why do I instead sit and watch, for almost 2 hours, this shameful Chelsea. Never experienced such a horrendous defensive performance, shame on you!!!”

“ready to put the keyboard through the PC”.

“Thanks for the Depression. Cheers.”

“Absolutely pathetic performance, worst of the season bar none.”

“They cut us open every time they attacked. Just toying with us.”

“Man shredded like cheese.”

“Rudiger is a slasher flick”

“Chelsea could not stretch a lump of jelly ,never mind sheff utd back line”

“The frustration is of course is that game we have watched 10 times this year. Want to beat Chelsea? Let them have the ball and pass around you. Defend in two banks of four across the edge of your 6 yard box, hit them on the counter and with crosses.”

” 76% possession in this match but lost 3-0 – since 2003-04, when full possession data is available, this is the biggest margin of defeat for a team to hold as much as 76% possession in a Premier League game. Countered.”

“Possession doesn’t mean anything when it’s all spent passing in front of your own net”

” Completely and utterly outplayed, we are a team with many inherent structural flaws that we have been lucky enough to get away with against other average (on paper) opposition. Let us make no mistake – we had this coming.
Up until now we have been lucky enough to have scraped into the CL places in what is possibly the worst top four battle in two decades. Lampard was completely shown up today”

“trashed by a team that has no stars, but play as a unit under a better manager tactically than Frank….we love Frank but he doesnt look ready for such a job.”

“they are a better team than us. I’m gutted to say it but our management team are currently tactically not good enough and I have now watched them be taught a tactical lesson by Chris Wilder, Woy, and David Fking Moves.”

“Sheffield were very well drilled excellent manager wilder”

“Lampard totally out-foxed today. Players absolutely gutless, spiritless, and abysmal.”

“Free tactical Lesson from Chris Wilder to Lampard tody.”

“Wilder has absolutely schooled Lampard”

“I am interesting in hearing Lampards assessment after having his pants well and truly pulled down completely outclassed tactically here.”

“I think Lampard should have given Sheffield United more respect from the start today and looked to have found a way to combat their style and system as opposed to expecting us to try and beat them with our own usual game. If we don’t get top 4 now this season his inexperience at certain times this season will have gone against us no doubt.”

“Frank picked a team like we were playing Brighton at home for Sheffield United away and then changed the formation three times without really addressing the problem”

” if CW can build SU with those players, are you telling me that Lampard has worse options at Chelsea?
Answer is simple: he is not up to the job, same mistakes all seasons is down to the manager.”

“Sheffield face Leicester next. Even though I am so sick of having to rely on other teams, they better perform and be deadly again against the Foxes.”

“Jorginho schooled by Mcgoldrick”

“David McGoldrick has scored his very first Premier League goal; it took him 42 shots and 1615 minutes to do so.”

“David McGoldrick
zero goals in his EPL career
we can sort that”

“Mcgoldrick looking world class against us, we are so shit that we make shit players look like world beaters.”

“It takes time.. SU have been running this system for 3 years”

” if we play like SU (who have not beaten any top 6 apart from today) i dont think our owner will be very happy.. Plus the players CW has have been playing this system for 2-3 years”

” We want to attack and win. We don’t want to sit back. It is a very demanding style. Today we lose but in a year or two we might be something else. Sheffield is sitting back. We are not.”

” Teams that sit back are the ones we struggle the most against and Sheff are the dons at it.”

“Think the players are just fed up with all these sterile matches and want to go off on their holidays.”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Chelsea”
  1. Only one london club has took more than 1 point out of us this season. Watford 2 draws.
    Add on what var has shafted us with and we would be 3rd today. Chelsea beat us for 45 mins this season and in both games were just waiting for the ref to end their misery. But hope you get 4th and man city win their appeal.

  2. Frank is a slow learner, his first lesson off Wilder was sufc v Frank’s Derby boxing day 2018. Totally out played and out managed. Look and learn Frank.

  3. We were able to sit back because we were winning and yes, who can play against a team that does that, not many.

    Before the game, man for man I thought we looked better and add to that our better manager and work and team ethic, bingo!

    £10 @ 7/2 makes £45 before half-time.


  4. Thank you for the comments our team is well drilled in the system we play
    This is how to play to your strengths and highlight your opponents weakness and Chris Wilder is a master in this he and his staff have created a band of brothers who battle for each other as we lose possession look at how quickly we get back into our defensive positions
    Lasr week we played wolves and Chris and his staff knew Adama has the speed to rip defences open at will and had done so in previous games they came up with a plan to stop him getting crosses in by whenever he got the ball we formed a triangle around him to smother him after 60 mins of getting nowhere he was taken off JJob done boys

  5. Well said David and I agree with your sentiments. I do take a bit of an issue with one comment that Chelsea made **** players look good. Most of the team has been brought up from the third tier and have been trained, schooled and developed by CW AK and his wonderful backroom staff over the last four seasons. McGoldrick for example. Injury prone couldn’t keep his place at Ipswich down in the dumps. But just look at him now. He’s 32 and playing like an 18 year old. And don’t forget Chris is a very experienced Manager. He started at the bottom and worked his way to the top.

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