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“As everyone will note, this match has the potential to be difficult. Back in March, I looked at this one as a real tough place to get three points. The lack of home fans in attendance is a help.”

“Sheffield United suddenly becomes a much harder game after they’ve turned over Spurs and Wolves in consecutive games. They have a real good chance of European football next season.”

“They are still fighting for Europe so definitely will be up for it.”

“The blades will know they have to beat us to maintain the hope they have for the CL spots. They have the foxes after us too. So know back to back wins could seem them cut the gap significantly.
Really dangerous game this. If we are not bang at it we will be punished.”

“This is a very tough game. Sheff Utd are ahead of Arsenal and Spurs so we need to treat this like we’re playing one of the best teams. I’m seeing odds floating about at 6/1 for a Sheff Utd win, which I think is pretty crazy given their form and our shaky defence.”

“Perhaps we should treat them like City and press not so far up the pitch so they need to come out a bit and then try and hit them on the break.”

“If there was ever a potential banana skin, this game is it.”

“I forgot Sheffield United were in the PL. They’re even above Arsenal and Tottenham, which is great but shows we shouldn’t take them lightly.”

“I really, really hope Kova can get fit for this. It’s going to be another battling opponent.”

“This game is going to be very tough. They have one of the best defense records in the league currently. And have have done well at home against bigger sides (beat spurs 3-1 drew to United 3-3, beat arsenal 1-0) so I’m pretty worried about this one. They are very good at aerial duels. Which seems to be a problem for us.”

“Blades have shown their quality and fantastic work ethic. They also have a really mean defence and are good on set plays..”.

“You have to respect the Blades – well organised, great work ethic, teamwork, solid tactics, setup works for their squad 3-5-2 and they go right to the end. We have to be on it and match their commitment and work rate and of course manage their set pieces.”

“Just finished watching the Sheff Utd game. We are going to have to ensure we do not let them get any set pieces or corners, they were dominating Wolves tonight in the air. I hate to think what they’ll do to us”

“We are the top 3 of goals conceded from set pieces sooooo”

“They are very good on set plays.Long day ahead for us in our game against them.”

“this is a very scary game, our own set piece defending can really hurt us. But I already feel it will be a great day.”

“I have watched their last two games and they were causing Wolves and Burnley trouble in the air. God knows what they are going to do to us.”

“They are a physical, in your face side. Chris Wilder will have his team extremely well prepared on our weaknesses.
We need our most physical players for this one. It’ll be a battle. Hopefully their exertions against Wolves will take a bit out of them”

“We will need to play much better than we did yesterday. Jorginho will be crucial to bring structure in the game, as their style is to cause anarchy.
I dont think they will knackered. This is like a new season in fitness terms, you get fresher by playing more.
Its somewhat amazing how they are in front of teams with three times more valuable squads. tbf i had not heard of a single one of their starters before. Their average age is 28 thats ancient compared to ours. Based on individual quality alone we should walk this so its important we dont get sucked in their messy game and simply stick to our gameplan, dont give them any space to breathe.”

“I think this game will be a lot easier than the Palace game, we dominated the first half in the fixture at the Bridge and ran out of steam in the 2nd half. Seems like we are far stronger now in comparison to back then whereas Sheffield appear a little more wobbly in comparison to the standards they set at the start of the season.”

“They won’t have faced a Pulisic in full flight, so we could get an early penalty.”

“Interesting to see that they only have 34 goals in 33 games. I’m sure we’ll find a way to help them out with that…”

“whoever has heart problems, refrain from watching this.”

“I’m putting a TV in my bathroom so I can watch this from the safety of my toilet.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Chelsea”
  1. I quite like these comments – respectful in the main, usual concentration on our aerial threat and mythical set piece proficiency, but considering they are Chelsea fans, pretty level-headed!

  2. They seem worried for some reason; mainly about set pieces. Shows how far United have progressed to concern Chelsea fans. Sounds like a good bunch of fans. Hope they don’t win this game, but lift FA cup instead. UTB

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