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“Bloody Brilliant display all round god knows where they’ve been hiding last few months”

“Deserved. We were excellent.”

“Really impressed, should of
been 5-0 “

“STUNNING performance after the horrendous last game, under huge pressure”

“That is the best 90 we have put in since Christmas”

“So relieved. Best performance & result of 2020.”

” We controlled it other than a 15 minutes period in the 2nd half. “

“Much needed win and one of the best performances this season tbh.”

“Textbook Leicester… just when you give up all hope, they show grit that you no longer thought they had in them and win like it was a pre-season friendly.”

“Youri absolutely ran the show and looked every inch the 40 million pound player we signed. Outclassed his industrious but lacking in quality counterparts in the Sheffield United midfield. “

“Given the injuries/suspensions, and off the back of the Sunday debacle, that was a big time performance which nobody should underestimate. Sheff Utd had loads to play for.
To a man they were outworked and we drained the spirit and legs out of them, which then allowed the extra quality to shine through. “

“I think we made them look poor”

“yes Sheff utd probably not at their best but that was a great response.
****ing love Wes Morgan. What a man. Sheffield United perfect opposition for him but comes in and just does his job. Legend. “

“Never trouble defensively and should have scored 4 or 5. Really impressive performance and I doubt many have dealt as comfortably as that with Sheff Utd all season.”

“Comfortable as I thought. Like I said pre match thread, they are overrated. We controlled the game.”

“Great result. Totally controlled it. Sheffield were bang average mind”

“Sheffield united were as bad as they were at Newcastle to be fair, they looked like the games have caught up with them. “

“Spurs will be the test…..this Sheff shit was on holiday “

“Made Sheff U look like a Championship team.”

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By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Leicester”
  1. Well deserved victory. Leicester played well. Pity the Blades couldn’t offer some competition. One of our worst performances of the season. However you played really well and 5 – 0 wouldn’t have flattered you.

  2. Think the amount if games in such a short time span is finally telling on our small team of players.

    Congratulations to the Foxes on a good double over us.

    Keep safe all

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