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“Great win as Sheffield have done well at home.”

“tonight’s game was even with not much in it. We probably had the better moments of quality so if one team deserved to win, it was us.”

“we didn’t create loads, but they created virtually nothing”

“Nice win. Pretty stress free and some reassuring performances”

“Weird game that. We weren’t terrible first half, but the passing was awful. Seemed like nearly every pass in the opponent’s half was rushed and either underhit or overhit with a couple of exceptions. You could also see the lack of confidence with the midfielders tending to always take a first touch backwards to buy a few seconds on the ball, when if they’d got their head up their was space to move forward in to.
The goal seemed to completely turn things round confidence wise though. You could suddenly see some energy and some crispness in everything they were doing.
They never looked like scoring really and Keane and Branthwaite dealt with everything really well.”

“Just shows when the effort is there you can get the 3 points without firing on all cylinders.”

“That is definitely the most I have enjoyed watching us this season. Whilst the first half was a bit boring, we gradually started to work them out and then in the second half we were by far the better team. The goal (great header) seemed to settle the lads down and almost all of them started playing some decent football.”

“If we wanna be taken seriously and aim for that top four then our away form has to improve significantly. With Carlo here I’ve got every faith we can challenge for that quite soon.”

“good win but that’s not a top six performance”

“We’ve clearly been the better side and they’re fighting for Europe. This is the best display from us since the Derby. Obviously it’s nowhere near good enough long term, but at least they’ve kicked off their flip flops and put their studs back on. “

“Just coming into form when the season’s over and nothing matters anymore”

“You really set a low bar if you think that was coming into form , yes it was three points but it was a sub mid table performance.”

“funny thing is they have a wonder maybe once in a season thing with 14 wins,we have been bad and we have had 13 wins”

“Ref was a joke”

“They were reaching pulis levels of blatant fouls”

“They are thugs”

“Baldock should have been off. “

“Norwood went straight into Richy’s standing leg with his studs”.

” If anything I’d say foul on Richarlison. Norwood is first to the ball by a wide margin and Richarlison’s momentum carries him into Norwood. The league gets softer by the week now it seems”.

“Never a foul let alone card for Norwood”

“Henderson is GROSSLY overrated by the media. Bigging up another young English goalie for their eventual sacrifice it seems”

“Wilder said he shakes his head when he sees the subs we can bring on. oh no it’s Anthony Gordon and 31 year old Seamus Coleman.”

“I shake my head when I look at our bench too.”

“Just a full on nark,said his team deserved to win (0 shots on target )compared budgets and was generally a misery with the female reporter ,considering he wasn’t bothered about Europe he needed to tell his face that”

“Always found Wilder to be a bit of a egotistical prat. That interview hasn’t changed my mind.”

“Wilder is a blert.”

“I thought Wilder spoke well, he spent nowt and we spent a fortune yet they are higher in the league.
They could of got 6th we havnt been near that for a few seasons”

“Everton have won two away matches during a post-lockdown mini-season scenario for the first time since Ayegbeni Yakubu caused the entire north west region to shut down with his sheer physical presence.”

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