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“Bit of a nothing game, good to get a win”

“Great end to the season and feels strange having nothing to moan about”

“Very good reaction in the second half after a poor first half. Hope we can take this into the new season.”

“A fantastic run to end our season”

“W5 D3 L1 since restart. Don’t think any one would have put money on that.
Great finish to the season, let’s take it into September.”

“Great match to end the season”

“Very satisfying end to the season. Next season can’t come quickly enough.”

” a Top 8 starting line up with Top 5 cohesiveness, but it’s not yet a Top 8 squad.”

“I love the team!!
It’s almost better for us to be a bit below par in the first half. Those Ralph half time team talks must be legendary.”

“589 passes to their 155 (73% possession). Wow!”

“Romeu just can’t help himself. 3-1 up, 2 minutes left of the season and he’s slide tackle scissoring someone.”

“Lucky for us that the ref was slack”

“A great come back win. We were lucky not have ended up with only a draw or even a loss had SU taken the chances we gave them.”

“thank fuck Sharp didnt have his thinking cap on”

“Robinson made a great tackle for them”

“Sheffield certainly were a stubborn unit and what’s really pleasing is that Ralph kept us at it. We didn’t let that match fade away into some sort of meaningless pre season friendly Type game”

“United just couldn’t be arsed 2nd half.”

“We actually finished on -9 GD”

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