“Well, I’m not one for hyperbole, but after the last two pre-season matches I can only see relegation on the cards this season.”

“Boring, dreadful, could play until next season in that formation and not score.Jesus I hope we don’t go with 5 AG the back. Players looked lost – Never had more than two players attacking and had the excitement of a 400M tortoise race.On the positives Marriott looks fit.”

“Seriously.. Its early days, long season, players to come back etc.. But it does feel like we are accepting a slow start almost. 3 or 6 points dropped at the start of the season count just as much as they do at the end, and usually will be the difference between play offs or not.Partnerships take time. Would prefer us to concentrate on preferred system /players and hit the ground at least jogging. So many players out injured /not available already, it would have been nice to feel some system is emerging rather than lots of tinkering. No panic, no abuse…just my feelings as a Cocu supporter. Long way to go..highlighted desperate need for Lawrence and ANother to give us some impact up top.”

“We look terrified when teams press us, we don’t know how to play round / through a high pressing team”

“We didn’t play well. No idea how to attack. Easy loss of possession at the slightest pressure. Poor.”

“we’re missing a huge amount of senior players and we’re against a good solid premier league side and trying a new formation. We’ll be fine. “

“Yes SU are a very good team and pressed us very well but I don’t think it’s too critical to say there are somethings to be concerned about. There have been opportunities to move the ball far quicker than we have, the creativity in our attacking play needs to improve and we generally look ok but nothing to get very excited about.”

“Sheff Utd press very well! “

“This is Sheffield United ‘s B team we are playing, would get our ass handed to us on a plate if we played their actual team. Good job it’s Barrow first game.”

“Have to say Norwood is some player. Great feet and vision.”

“How’s pla ibrahim looking??”

“Like everyone else. Looking at Sheffield United playing football.”

“great play by Sheffield for the 2nd and what a ball. “

“Sheff Utd have been excellent today, they’ve put in some really good crosses and maintained a good shape and a good press. Been a good test for Derby. “

“Quite painful viewing. Huge gulf in quality between the teams after the changes. Derby can’t get out. Sheffield United so well drilled “

“Sheff Utd very well drilled, as you’d expect “

“Sheffield United’s quality of crossing really is a cut above. An area the Rams could learn from “

“Sheffield were comfortable in every aspect”

“Nah I don’t agree at all. We’ve been in a number of good positions on the break and matched them for large portions. They have been a bit better at key moments but other than that it’s been a good test. “

“Footballing lesson….and by the way, what a great kit the blades have there too!”

“Sheff United’s away kit isn’t very ‘Yarkshire’ is it? They look like a right bunch of pansies “

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