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“And so to the last game, with the luxury of it hardly mattering. Who’d have thought it after 12 games (was it 8 or 9 points?) or after a certain Friday evening in October?
I’ll admit to having been slightly nervous on the restart to get to safety, with 40 maybe the target, but now 50 is totally possible and I hope we get there, not only for the total but to finish the season on a 7 match unbeaten run and carry the positivity and momentum into next season.”

“That away match at Utd feels like such a long time ago. Almost a different season.
A great relief winning that one. This one will just be fun. “

“I hope it will be a competitive game and Danny gets his hat trick. Let’s give Billy Sharp a very warm Saints welcome back to St.Marys. He did a job for us when he was here and for that we should applaud him. Three more points on Sunday then it’s off to the Costa del Calshot for a well earned break!”

“I had been looking forward to this as an end of season fixture hoping we’d be safe, and the prospect of a warm reception and ‘thank you’ to Billy Sharp.”

“We did that at Bramall Lane in September – sang his song when he was on the touchline warming up, and he came over and applauded us for it.
Then he did us a massive favour by inexplicably getting himself sent off late in the game. He’s still a Saint at heart.”

“When the fixtures were announced I was looking forward to this game and giving Billy Sharp the send off he deserved, shame we’ve been robbed of that opportunity.
We know what a well organised side United are, and with their mixed form since lockdown it could go either way. A win would be great for momentum but I’d settle for a draw and cement 11th place for the little extra bit of prize money.”

“The way they play should suit us, playing out from the back. Wonder if they’ll go full on 2010 Stoke like Bompey did.”

“They’ve had a great season but they’re still beatable, and hopefully they’ll have eased up by then. Still the age old problem of our home form against solid teams sitting back.”

“Not a lot to play for, Sheffield United have been very good at the back all season and tend to keep things tight, but hopefully this is an open game with plenty of goals to give Ings the chance of grabbing a couple and get the golden boot.”

“Can see a high scoring game, 3-2 to us…maybe them. Dunno
Nice to be able to enjoy the games at the moment. !”

“Heart: We’ll smash them 4-0, end on a high!
Head: We’re at home mate..”

“Sheff Utd are where everyone thought Southampton would be with decent investment. Fair play to Chris Wilder”

“No denying Sheffield United have had a good season following promotion, especially as I’d guess a majority of people (me included) had them relegated again, but it’s crazy to think we are one win away from finishing just two points behind them. “

“If the restart is anything to go by, the Blades could be well down there with Palace, Brighton and whichever of the bottom 4 no hopers somehow stays up”

“We win and could finish 11th on an upward trajectory, they lose and end up 10th on the downward trajectory.
If it works out like that, let’s hope it’s an indicator for next season as we cross paths.”

“to think we can still finish 11th and only 2 points off Sheff Utd who’ve had a miracle season and been in and around the top 6 for the majority of it! Crazy times”

“Sheffield United have got £5 million to play for because with the easy fixtures Arsenal and Burnley have got, anything less than a win for the Blades will almost certainly see them drop 2 places. I don’t know whether this means their owners will be offering them a special win bonus as an incentive.”

“Ironic that if we beat Sheff United on Sunday we would finish just 2 points behind them, when you consider how well they’ve done and they’ve been flirting with Europe all year that tells you how well we’ve recovered this season”

“11th place is at stake in our epic battle with Champions League chasing Everton! “

“Get 11th, finish above Smegerton, get 50+ points, remain unbeaten since lockdown, end the season on a high.
And the golden boot isn’t completely out of reach yet…(probably is for Long)”

“Every season when the fixtures are released, I find myself looking at the last game to see how winnable it is, should it come down to another relegation decider. Thankfully this is a relative non-event although it’d be nice to finish above Everton and their half a billion quid’s worth of dross.”

“Hope the crowd behaves so the players can do the lap afterwards.”

“If Southampton beat Sheffield United it will be the first time in their Premier League history that we have got 18/18 points from promoted sides.”

“A lot of teams will have similar ‘what ifs’ so these things even themselves out over the season. We are about where you’d expect a club of our size to finish: 12th. This is our 22nd top 12 finish in our 43 seasons in the top flight. Leicester, a similar-sized club, have had 21.
Our recent form indicates that we could do better next season. We are making good progress for the first time since Koeman left in 2016. Ralph is a great manager, who has inspired both the players and the fans. The aim next season has to be to qualify for Europe again, either through our league position or by winning a cup. It’s about time, we won another one and it looks like we might have the right manager and players to do it. “

” folks at the early season fans forum said they would be happy if we ended up 13th. Going to be a tough act to match this next season.”

“Should be looking to improve on it, not simply match it. Imagine if we played like we have since November for the whole season!? Only 3 more wins in the beginning of the season when we weren’t playing 4222 would have seen us competing for a European place.”

“a few more tweaks and i dont see why we cant do a wolves or a sheff united next season. i’m excited”

“Sheff United fans need to enjoy this. Makes me think of our lot a few years pushing the top six. Sadly I think many will be poached and they’ll struggle like we did”

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