“What a start, complete different approach to when we played Sheffield United back end of last season.”

“Well already 2 points better off than against shef utd last year and still have another game at home against em yet “

 “Really pleased with that, I was nervous about our lack of pre season games, but they fully deserved that win”

“Complete opposite of most of the matches last season, when we had slow starts and grew into the games. This time, a lightening start when all players looked bright and on form and we gradually regressed into what was a poor second half, although SU didn’t look like hurting us.”

“Nice of Sheff utd to turn up an hour late”

“Big improvement from Sheffield United in the second half but we weathered the storm really well. Brilliant start to the season “

“They were at home. They needed to turn up at some point they were garbage for an hour.”

“We looked in control for vast majority. Sheffield United did improve but got caught out early on”

“For a opening game, that was fairly decent!
The second had clearly wasn’t the best and a need for a natural RWB is clear, BUT 2 early goals; both superbly taken and of which sucked the life out the Blades will do very nicely.”

“We go through spells in games where we just can’t seem to keep the ball, either go to aimless hoofs or passes that just aren’t there. Still 2-0 though Sheff Utd really only had that one chance”

“Maybe we’ll switch it up this season and be great in the first halves but crap in the second halves. Let’s hope not! “

“ Reverted to type a bit second half and really should have conceded. “

“Good win. Deserved. But Sheff Utd put avoidable pressure on us. Hit and hope clearances, lack of thought and careless passing out, need to be better when we turn over possession”

“Solid performance .Sheff Utd came back well but deserved three”

“Was never going to be fluent against Sheffield United. They turn every game into a scrap.”

“Moving to 352 settled it down and sheff u were done. Great start “

“Sharp made the exact same run 4/5 times and we were caught out every time”

“Marcal has been tidy on the ball. Maybe needs to learn about the physicality of this league. Especially against teams like this.”

“Sheff Utd proper meatheads when it isn’t going their way”

“Wilder with some proper super spreader behaviour”

“McBurnie is a prick”

“Baldock is a prick”

“Visually, the Sheffield United team resembled the cast of Trainspotting.”

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