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“Felt it was solid last pre season friendly. Good cup win.”

“We played well and won.”

“A better team performance than one full of individual flashes. That’s what we’ve come to expect under Dyche. Overall that’s a 7.5 performance for the character, team spirit and work ethic we showed against a well-drilled side”

“First game of the season with a 2nd choice CF pairing. I thought we played really well. Great to see Dunne and Benson get a shot. We knocked the ball around very well in close quarters at times. Good watch I thought. UTC”

“Well result was good that is the first positive. The second positive I thought that Jimmy Dunne did really well. On the negative side I thought Lowton and Brady were poor – Lowton particularly not at the races. But a reasonable performance given Sheff had a number of regular first teamers.”

“We were good tonight, and I know it was only Sheff Utd reserves but Dunne and Benson looked decent, and pieters more than did a job again
Who needs signings when we have a magician in charge”

“Easily the better side in the 2nd half”

“1st half wasn’t great, but 2nd half we were much better, in a cup tie all that matters is getting through, sadly our win has come at a cost, and we’ve got another game next Wednesday, with an already depleted squad.”

“We may have been rubbish for 90 mins but we arent half fantastic at penalty’s.”

“it was more like a lower league friendly game”

“Dyche treat this meaningless competition has a friendly and rightly so.
Premier league survival is the be all and end all for most in our league”

“Lackluster performance against Sheff Utd B team doesnt fill you with confidence and hope for the season ahead”

“Blades are worse than us!”

“Thought Vydra had a really good game, high press on Jagielka worried him throughout.”

“That jack robinson guy should be ashamed of himself
Described as “reckless” on the bbc website, and that`s an understatement.
As for the pathetic linesman and referee, words fail me”

“Horrific challenge by Robinson, and one you’d expect most to be out with for a while”

“Career threatening injury IMO”

“Shocking challenge. Did he get booked? If not surely should be some retrospective action.”

“Th e guy followed through with a clearance and hit Joey really hard behind his knee. He was in agony and had to be given gas and air and was carried off with his leg in a splint —not a nice sight”.

“It’s difficult to say a straight red.
The defender definitely wins the ball cleanly ahead of Johann, but the follow-through looks terrible.”

“IMO there wasnt any maliciousness in the initial challenge it was a “take everything” type challenge to let the winger he meant business.
Sadly for us it ended badly, but I’m sure Robinson didnt want or mean that outcome.”

“Player got the ball clearly. His studs ended up in JBG’s leg but it looked like an accident to me.”

By Roy

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