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“Mcburnie looked knackered”

“Still shyte”

“Never cap that fraud again”

“Mcburnie what does he do for a living ?”

“Oli McBurnie is absolutely utter rancid decayed horse shit.”

“Is McBurnie a footballer?”

“how does McBurnie earn seven figures every year as a footballer ?”

“Mcburnie is just a joke full stop.”

“Mcburnie, waste of space”

“I’d take Iwelumo over that fanny McBurnie. A total gimp of a footballer”

“Why Is Oli McBurnie even in the Scotland squad btw? He doesn’t even know how to pull up his socks, why is Steve Clarke putting his trust in him?”

“!McBurnie is the definition of shite.”

“McBurnie just constantly runs as if hes got sore knees”

“Mcburnie an absolute waste of a jersey.”

“McBurnie is the worst player I have ever seen play for Scotland.”

“McBurnie is 6’2 of pure dugshite”

“McBurnie was £20m. Madness.”

“Oli Mcburnie is a £20 Million player in the premier League and he’s not even better than dykes, who plays for the same team as lee Wallace…”

“His pass completion tonight must he 10%, spent longer on his arse or chasing his bad touch.”

“Oli McBurnie is rotten wouldn’t be dangerous with an axe in his hand ! “

“McBurnie in particular is the face of everything thats wrong with the English transfer market and our outlook…. some idiot paid £20m for a Motherwell level striker, but coz he plays down south he gets picked automatically… shouldnt be anywhere near a Scotland cap.”

“This McBurnie is absolutely brutal i dont think i have ever seen a worse striker looks like he should be playing sunday league or Amateurs feel sorry for Sheffield fans”

“Defenders must absolutely piss themselves when they see they are up against oli mcburnie
.Woefully shite. Wish there was a Sheff Utd reserve game on tonight he could’ve picked over Scotland again”

“He gets stick because up until a video by the SFA, he’s looked and acted like he didn’t get a shit playing for the national team.”

“McBurnie has had multiple occasions where he’s not shown the level of commitment that you’d expect at international level and has had large periods for Scotland where he’s offered little”

“I am going to stick up for McBurnie. Think he’s done ok.”

“To be fair I dont think McBurnie has done much wrong. Just very little service.”

“Amazing how much stick he gets despite the terrible tactics and lack of service. There’s some players in there that seem undroppable but have hardly kicked a ball for Scotland ever!!”

“McBurnie will get slaughtered but Robertson McGregor and McGinn have been useless yet again for Scotland.”

“Every dick slagging McBurnie is a tim? Co-incidence? Naw. Haven’t seen any of these players do anything in a Scotland jersey yet he’s always the go to”

By Roy

One thought on “Scotland Fans Views On Oli McBurnie”
  1. He always gives ? his ability may be limited but he never just sits on his ass if you don’t get the service you can’t do it all on your own

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