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“Good win againt dogged opposition who will take points from teams bigger than them this season just like last.”

“Difficult but 3 points will do

“Poor first-half. Awful refereeing again.”

“Tough game. Job done.
VAR can go to hell. “

“VAR is amplifying the worst refereeing situation in any sport. As for the game, gritty and utterly what we’ve come to expect.”

“Scrappy 3 points”

“Just like last season when we were a winning machine despite VAR. It’s a bit grim that my first reaction to Jota’s goal was “Disallow that you tossers!”. I then watched the replay like a hawk for the slightest nonsense they could possibly rule it out for…
On the game itself, I hate that we’re now a soft touch again to balls bunted up the middle of the pitch. It was our Achilles heel for years but having VVD there I had almost forgotten about it. At least Watford went down last season.”

“Phew. Hate having no fans at Anfield.
I know it’s nothing new by now and the same for all teams, but it looks like a chore at times without fans there pushing them on. “

“Pretty decent after the setback from that pen.
Really good 2nd half. “

“And Breathe.
Made heavy weather of that but ultimately never really in doubt
.Shocking penalty decision though, VAR continues to ruin the Game.”

“Seasons going to be a slog, isn’t it.
No fans, poor officiating, and players looking knackered.”

“I don’t even feel anything. Football is a joke. Can’t celebrate goals, it’s all about the refs and their egos.
Pathetic sport right now.”

“it’s a shambles. You can’t even celebrate. “

“Whilst delighted we won I am starting to hate the var football.Can’t celebrate goals . It’s more of a lottery than a guy blowing a whistle as before “

“For years we saw too many shite results against endless bunches of fgrocks like the ones we were against tonight. But tonight the mentality monsters stuck their middle finger up to them and the **** at Stockley Park. I don’t give a shit who played well, who had a duffer, it doesn’t matter when the opposition might as well have 13 players. We won, that’s all that matters,**** the Premier League”

“I love it when we win these ‘dirty’ games”

“seems to be a rule for a couple of seasons now that you can pull and kick Salah in the box as much as you like.”

“That will do me,we played against 12 men”

“Not a bad result considering we were playing against 18 men.”

“Is Ferguson still holding influence? He always had Riley in his pocket. Don’t want us to catch their 20 titles. It’s obvious corruption. They won’t let us win the league this year.”

“Boggles the mind how people actually want us to stay in this corrupt league just to get screwed over week after week.”

“every VAR decision is mysteriously going against us.
It can’t carry on forever no matter how much the PL may want it too, it will soon become too noticeable if they do it every f**king week. “

” We’ve all been done one way or another, definitely us more so in recent times but I doubt you will see many organisations in favour.”

“it’s because of who we are. We had the audacity to win the prem, they’ll do what they can to try stop us retaining it.”

By Roy

8 thoughts on “View From Liverpool”
  1. Sorry that the Blades didn’t lie down & let you run smock. There isn’t a team that’s been more hard done by officials than SUFC this & last season. This season Matches v Villa, Leeds & Arsenal games changing errors by referees & VAR & another tonight. You lot won as expected so you’ve nowt to whinge about really.

  2. “For years we saw too many shite results against endless bunches of fgrocks like the ones we were against tonight”.

    I can respect and agree with most of the Liverpool fans comments posted but this guy is an embarrassing bellend to Liverpool fans, hope the knobjockey crawls back under his rock for the rest of the season.

  3. Insane that a team who were helped by VAR more than any other team last year could complain when VAR stuffed us more than any other team. If we were using the same handball rules as the first few weeks of the season we get another penalty.

  4. Lol uve been done by var a couple of times…welcome to Sheffield United life in premier league..we win vars league last season and we probably be at top again ..good game wasnt to easy for u ..but fans should be back missing the 12th man

  5. Can’t face up to the fact that we made it difficult for them and they only won by a goal. Berge was fouled in the penalty area, VAR wasn’t against them that time.

  6. Can’t believe Liverpool fans saying things about VAR when Gerrard got a penalty for intent against us years ago and its never been given again under play well last night and Deserved a point for me Liverpool are one of the best teams for me love watching them .

  7. Good game last night but you Liverpool fans can’t have the audacity to even talk about VAR decisions.
    Last season VAR went against us more than half a dozen times so well done on the win but put your bloody necks back in and atop complaining about absolutly everything!

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