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“Well done City, poor conditions but a great win and 3 points..”

“Made hardwork of that but a wins a win.”

“Phew! That second half dragged on forever. It’s a shame we didn’t have 5 subs for Pep to use “

“Proper away result.”

Went into power save mode.
Killed game.
Energy saved.”

“We we very controlled, we dominated possession and territory in both halves. They had the inevitable 10 minute purple patch, after that we were in cruise control.”

“That was a very good performance in awful conditions v an awful opponent.”

“Rodri MOTM for me, dealt with McBurnie easily all game”

“a great result at a difficult place to win.”

“Result more important than the result , the Blades is not an easy away game , we looked a far more solid outfit and never gave them a sniff”

“Sheffield United don’t concede goals, I read that in 45 Premier league games they’ve only conceded more than 2 goals in 3 matches – and one of those was a 3-3 draw.
And we don’t have a striker!
I thought we played well, created a lot of chances, Ramsdale kept them in it, and we were solid at the back.”

“Although Sheffield United offered no great threat, its good not to shudder at every opposition attack these days.”

“Good performance. Yeah we didn’t score as many as we would like, but we looked in total control and looked like we could have turned it up a notch or two if required. If it wasn’t for Ramsdale could of quite easily of been 3/4. Restricted them to 1 chance in the whole game, lots of positives from the defence.”

“Sheffield keeper was prime cassilas and neuer today”

“Glad we got the points but I really do have to say we have become boring to watch and I never thought I’d have to say that after some of the football we were playing just a few years ago. We used to play teams like that off the park and they couldn’t keep up with our quick football.”

“Pep really should be managing our subs better.While we should have scored a bucket full we didnt,we became leggy and casual in the second half and Sheffield were unlucky not to get an equaliser because of such.”

“Good game management, but a poor game to watch.”

“Goes without saying than I’m happy with the results but my word we have turned into such a boring team at times. It’s like watching Spain after their peak ten years ago.”

“Another piss poor performance but at least we have the 3 points. Our attack is concerning, considering how we barely put chances together.”

“Well last season we didn’t grind out 0-1 wins nearly enough, but we weren’t good”

“Mahrez is stealing a living, completely ineffectual and doesn’t work hard enough.
Defence looks great but Cancelo will always give someone a chance.
Bernie more like his old self in the second half.
And, whisper it quietly, De Bruyne is becoming something of a liability because he needs a rest and is out on his feet, impacting his work rate and decision making.
Walker man of match for me.
Did I mention how shite Mahrez is?”

“We have been shit before but its more frustrating these days because of the quality of players that we have bought in and the money paid for and to them.
If Reyna made a cap pass we understood. When KDB does it over and over and over its a bit rich.
Call it spoiled if you like but imo we’ve lost whatever it was that pulled us in before. Its now hard work to watch. “

“There is no joy in that City squad. Certainly no joy watching them. I enjoyed the Pearce days more that this. And I’m not joking. Give me Vassell and Cole over Sterling and Mahrez. Or
Bosvelt over Rodri. We are awful. Something needs to change. Probably the only change is me walking away finally.”

“We’re 2 points off the top of the table (with a game in hand) and you’re having a hissy fit and talking about quitting football because we won 1-0 away to one of the best defensive teams in the country, with no fit strikers and sandwiched inbetween 2 Champions League games.
Take a deep breath, take a step back, and realise how ridiculous it is to compare that to the Pearce days.”

“It’s hard to watch a team trying to break down a team not interested in playing football for 90 mins .
That isn’t City’s fault.”

“Ederson very poor, didn’t make a save.”

“I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Oliver decided to be stood right in our passing lanes all the time.
He must really put the work in during the week.
Corrupt prick.”

“OliVAR set the tone in the first five seconds by not getting his cards out and gave free license to Sheffield to kick us. Hope Pep mentions a lack of protection in his presser.”

By Roy

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