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“Most of us on here can remember “Typical City” so i’d just like to point out Sheff U hav’nt won a game yet”

“Season starts here, no more no pre-season excuse. Same team as tonight please with the same intense. I am convinced we will be Champions this season.

“we need to carry on playing the way we played against Marseille tonight. It will be a another tough game.
This will mean starting on the front foot. It would need us to be mentally tough as well. I will settle for a win no matter how it comes.”

“A much tougher game than the one we faced in Marseille …. Sheffield United are ‘competitive, and will be itching to put that unfortunate Liverpool defeat behind them …… we can win if we stay compact at the back, and put a workmanlike shift in , but we’re gonna know we’ve been in a match!”

“this lot will defend defend defend and they’re pretty successful at doing that on their day. Remember last season’s game at Bramall Lane where we made real hard work of it and scraped the win, I expect the same here”

“They are in poor form and struggling for goals so will see this as a free hit but they are decent defensively. We must start well and press aggressively. If we score twice we’ll win and possibly comfortably. Foden and KDB are vital for this one.”

“I wonder if we are gonna replicate the match v Marseille, or will it drop down a gear, 70% poss, as slow as a boat to China, and Sheff (the only other side from last season in the top ten with any morals) United are gifted a goal with out creating a chance of their own? No matter how hard yer try pessimism is hard to shake off!”

“I think we can beat Sheffield Utd next week without Aguero or Jesus”

“Looking forward to us reverting to type against SU and watching Mahrez walk up and down the wing all afternoon”

“Marseille were poor….we can’t expect a similar “welcome” in Sheffield !”

“Sheffield could have scored 3 goals at Liverpool”

“Sheffield will go at us with aggression”

“Gundogan will be the first on the team sheet for this , he will control the midfield against a workmanlike team like Sheff Utd.,and enable KDB and Foden to do the damage , but if we dont get an early goal they will grow in confidence and we need to avoid giving away set pieces its the only way they will score.”

“Sheffield United are the new Stoke”

“We can’t even be confident about beating Sheffield United at this point, they will just park their bus and our impotent forwards will somehow manage to miss a few. “

“We will get nowhere with Mahrez and he himself will not fancy the SU boys giving him a kicking.”

“Sheffield never stop fouling”

“I have the feeling our already disastrous injury record will look a whole lot worse after a game against Wilder’s animals. He’s allowed to use such tactics as they don’t have as big of a transfer budget as we do apparently.”

“It’s going to be a tough season for Sheffield.”

“they’re not the same as last season so what is everyone so worried about?”

“Sheffield United are in ruins”

“Sheffield are totally wank”

“they’re crap”

“Be playing Sheffield Utd and Officials. Why does Oliver get so many games which involves us and the Dippers. He is so pro Dippers and anti us, it must be a 10 point swing per season due to his officiating”

“Oliver motm for Sheffield like the scumbag was for Leicester!!!!”

“Sheffield will be a dangerous side with Oliver leading the attack”

“At least they won’t have their thick as pig shit fans booing every refs decision they don’t like”

“Sheffield United close to my worse ever away game last season . Horrible yorkies.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Man City”
  1. To all you supporters ov Manchester (city) us blades love the way our team plays, we don’t av any premadonnas like u av who think they can just turn up & expected to win games , we play the game how it should be played hard & make it hard for the opposition, so don’t say we foul & play dirty cause we don’t , every team in any league FOUL on the odd occasion, so enjoy the game & may the best team win

  2. Man shitty are weeing their pants.No I don’t think we will win,but they will not win the league either.We are what we are and not overpaid prima donnas What will be will be.⚔⚔⚔⚔

  3. Typical childish reaction from the Citeeeh lot. We may not have their millions but we have competitive players who give their all. We don’t go out to foul at all, it may look like that when your own players fall over when one of the ball boys sneezes within 50 feet or so, it’s embarrassing. I am bemused with the issue with Wilder, especially after the Porto manager giving the insight of Guardiola being disrespectful and abusive during the European game, double standards their I think. That being said they have quality players and they can change games at the drop of a hat. Be difficult this one but we can only give our best

  4. By saying “ Sheffield” I think they’re getting us mixed up with south Barnsley!!!!????⚔️❤️ Bring it on!!!!!!⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

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