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“We’ve got our proper Chelsea back, fantastic performance again, and make no mistake for long periods this was a very hard fought contest despite the match stats. That makes the score line even more impressive.”

“Sheffield United may not have been in the best of form this season but considering we struggled against them badly in both games last season, that was a mightily impressive performance and result.”

“Really impressed with that performance, we recovered well against an awkward opponent.”

“A comfortable win after a competitive first half.”

“That was a top performance. We had 100% control of that second half, probably the most dominant half of football I have seen from us in the league for a long time.”

“We were shakey in those first 10 minutes but after that we were in cruise control. We really could and maybe should have scored 6 or 7!”

“Well that was an absolute pleasure to watch!”

“Nice win, we totally neutralised them.”

“Wonderful game. No more playing down to lesser teams!!”

“They literally had no chances after 10 minutes”

“What a dominant performance bar the first 10 minutes. Absolutely buzzing!”

“We had 70.3% possession, didn’t quite feel like it but woah”

“Ziyech created six chances against Sheffield United, the most any Premier League player has created in a single home game this season.”


“I hate sides like Sheffield United
Turn up their style when its time to face us and then fade away immediately in games afterwards.
This time they were in a poor run of form coming into the game and tried to attack us right from the off. Furious when Goldrick or whatever his name is scored as well…Only 4 PL goals, and 3 against us!!”

“That mccgoldrick dude always scores against us then doesnt score for weeks lol”

“Trying not too get too excited it was bottom of league club we were playing”

“Sheffield United may be bottom, but that’s the first time this season they’ve had a really good shoeing”

“This is Sheffield United’s joint-heaviest Premier League loss under Chris Wilder and the first time they conceded 4 goals in a Premier League match under him. “

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