“It’d be nice to beat them (and convincingly) after last season’s performances against them.
I think Wilder is a really good manager and they’re a good side (particularly when you consider their resources), but we should be looking for a convincing victory here. They’re in a tough spot at the moment, so I’d like to see us being ruthless and efficient with our chances.”

“They put 5 past us in the 2 games against us last season, this game will show us how much we’ve developed defending on the transition in comparison to last season.”

“After last season draw and loss…3 points be lovely and another clean sheet too. “

“I can’t see them remaining in a relegation position and sooner rather than later their form should pick up. They are still quite a resilient team and may prove tougher to break down than some are anticipating. “

“This is the sort of game where we’d drop stupid points last season, hopefully that’s fully put to bed now!”

“We should have time to have more training unlike this weekend for this fixture as playing at home against Rennes midweek and we are at home on Saturday.
They are struggling just now as well.”

“Don’t want to underestimate any team in the EPL. But we should have too much for them.”

“Blades are in free fall at the mo.
Had rotten fixtures so far. Already been to Liverpool and Arsenal as well as hosting City and Wolves.
Did themselves no favours by getting just 1 point against garbage teams like Fulham and Leeds though.
They are struggling for goals, should be no charity from Mendy and co.”

“Sheffield are one of the worst teams this season. In current form we got nothing to worry about, but still we need our best players to keep the momentum going.”

“This is a dire Sheffield team who are looking like they’ll be relegated”

“top half of the table last season, Sussed out now relegation fodder”

“Ampadu looked so good as the holding central midfielder against Man City. He is so mature for his age and a natural leader. The whole time he was talking and pointing out where his colleagues needed to go”

“When you read the Sheffield United fans forum and their raving about Ampadu as a ‘must buy’ player and a future superstar. It almost makes it quite sad when you read the contrasting feedback in relation to RLC. I’m excited for Ampadu coming back.us”

“Hope Sheffield don’t get relegated for his sake. He needs to keep his chin up and come back next season with a spring in his step.”

By Roy

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