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“So proud, putting the greens truly on the map! Great effort”

“oh well winning this was always slim.”

“Not too bothered really back to L1 survival”

“Unlucky not to equalise in the end Sheffield looked a bit wobbly and as said before very wasteful. Didn’t disgrace ourselves by any means.”

“The most frustrating thing about that second half was that it proved that we could be more than a match for Sheffield United if we had just put them under more pressure. We gave them far too much respect in that first half. Still, a 2-1 defeat is no embarrassment. “

“can’t see Sheffield Utd staying up playing like that. Worrying for their fans”

“If that was a strong Utd side, then they’ll be playing Luton next season.”

“Utd won’t be in the premiership next season.”

“They didnt look like a Prem team, and we didn’t look like a L1 team”

“Good show by Argo as the BBC said not disgraced by any means, as said some of the play by The Blades illustrates why they are marooned at the foot of the table.”

“Great effort we didnt roll over when they went 2-0 up and thats to be credited we made a game of it in the second half which is unsually for us as we tend to fall apart in second halfs. Sheff Utd are going down thats a certainty along with Fulham if thats their strongest 11 its no wonder they are getting tanked week in and out and not scoring.”

“Obvs they had the better players with the Prem big bucks but you could see how fragile their confidence is after we scored our goal.”

“Proud of that performance, didn’t look out of depth really – Sheff U with more bite and more presence in the final third. Cooper and Opoku personal standouts. Ramsdale had a shocker”

“Henderson to Ramsdale a huge huge downgrade for them this season”

“On this game alone, and considering they’re roughly the same age… I think I’d take Cooper over the £18.5m Ramsdale.”

“And Jephcott over Brewster! “

“Just a couple of minutes either side of half time that did us.
We played a full strength premier league team that cost apps 60 odd million pounds and did very well in spells.
I reckon Argyle had as many touches in their box second half as they did ours. And when all’s said and done Sheffield United had a nice long week of rest before the game whilst we had an 800 mile round trip and 90 mins on the Sunderland swamp on Tuesday night.
As for the commentary salivating over Brewster’s performance?! 23 million quid?! You can build hospitals for that much and the guy looked bang average as far as I could see.
Couple of better decisions in their box after we’d scored and we’d be still watching now but overall very very pleased with the performance “

“Aside from the fact that some of their players looked very fit and strong, I am encouraged that Camara, Cooper, Jephcott, Opoku in particular did not look too far of their quality. Agree Cooper looked like the better keeper by a mile”

“Reeves was the best player on the pitch. “

“In hindsight, they must have missed or skyed a bigger percentage of their chances than we did. Definitely a Premiership side in name only. Demonstrates how the distribution of wealth in the game is wrong and so much money is being wasted on mediocrity. “

“Can’t see Sheffield United progressing past Brizzle in the next round.”

“Who other than Chris Wilder or a desperate Sheffield United supporter wants to see an exciting FA cup tie killed off like that? “

“Camara missed a great chance but what about their Prem player who had the ball laid backed to him in the box and drilled the ball straight round the post!! Bad miss for them. Can’t believe VAR didn’t give the penalty either.”

” fair play to Sheffield United professional performance best of luck in the future rounds and for the rest of the PL season”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Plymouth”
  1. Typical post-FA Cup match comments when a lower division team plays a higher division team and it’s not a walkover for the better team. SUFC have been in that position themselves as a league 1 club and it has no bearing on the future, believe me. Back to L1/2 for Plymouth, back to prem/championship for United.

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