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“a must win game or the rot sets in we have played poorly against 3 of the last 4 opponents and need a boost.”

“We need to win this now, more than ever. They’re getting into some form.”

“Sheffield United will be for me at least, the game that will demonstrate how we can maintain our positive ways since the season started. They are desperate and have nothing to lose: they will have to go for it. We need to take a grip and dominate much like how we beat them at Bramall Lane.
If we play like we did against Fulham again, then I can see us being embarrassed by them, the fires being stoked and us slowly folding back into mid table mediocrity as we struggle for structure and form.”

“They can’t simply depend on their sit back and counter approach any more, things a looking desperate for them, so I expect them to come out attacking from the first whistle, which will play right into our hands..”

“Sheff Utd will have to push on, they need 3 points.”

“We have enough to beat Sheff Utd, whether we will is a different matter. Obviously I hope we do…if there’s one team I want to stuff it’s those clowns…but even if we lose it ain’t doom and gloom. Top half for most of the season is blinding stuff from us, given (or should I say in spite of) the way we are run, and to finish in the top ten would be more than good enough.”

“Sheffield UNited are a muich better side than when we last played them. 6 wins in 9 i think (including cup games) and that run included games vs Man U, MAn City, Chelsea and Spurs
They have won all thee games they would have hoped / expected to have won, and that breeds confidence”

“Sheff Utd are 9th in the form table based on last 6 matches. “

“And we are 2nd”

“this will be a boring slow game “

“I think this will be a hard slog like all our games against teams down at the bottom. “

“Sheff Utd aren’t about to roll over and let us tickle their tummies.”

“Sheffield Utd will be the first of several disappointing results, we will finish 10-12 at best”

“We will lose this and several more after it. We done for the season, the team is knackered and It wouldn’t surprise me if Fab, Rice and or Soucek pick up muscle injuries in training over the next few days. The players are knackered physically and mentally. We cannot play a condensed Covid season with pretty much the same squad of 15. GSB knew this but calculated that we have enough points (which we do) . 17th is all they care about.”

“Fully expect Antonio to be back for this one. Ogbonna will be a huge loss if he is out for any amount of time beyond this week, but with all due respect to Sheff Utd this is the one game you’d pick for him to sit out.
They will be hard to break down and despite their position, they don’t ship goals. Their recent games have all been tight so it could be another frustrating night. They play pretty much a back five away from home and the three in the middle are not overly adventurous either.”

“God knows who’s going to be fit.”

“we are going to struggle to fill the subs bench !”
“Just looking at 11v11 & our record against these lot is pretty *.
We’ve only won 3 of the last 15 games, with 6 losses & 6 draws.
And weirdly in the last 8 games between us neither team has scored more than one goal except for THAT GAME when Sheffield beat us 3 nil, one of only two wins in their final eleven games that season. “

“It’s going to be a tough one. They’ve been a bit up and down but have started picking up points semi regularly, they’ll also be fighting like hell and given the bare bones (or are we down to the marrow now) state of our squad you’d think they’d be targeting the game and I also wouldn’t be surprised to see someone get a kick early doors.
Much as I’d love to see us do the double over these and contribute to their descent back to their natural level I can see a draw being a likely outcome. Hopefully with a late late sickener by us to pull level.”

“1-0 , 93rd minute, own goal, scored off the underside their goal keepers testicles, following wildly miss hit Cresswell shot that would otherwise have veered off for a throw in. As a bonus, i would like VAR to miss a clear offside in the build up. And if the stars align perfectly i would consider a last second equaliser that’s ruled out by VAR for hand ball by their keeper in the build up. Such a game would crush their very soul”

“Hope the following arises
They make an utter howler, clearing their lines, and leave a chance on a plate for Benrahma, who so needs a goal at the moment, and
They think that, with seconds to go, they have equalised, only for the dodgiest VAR scenario in history to go our way after 20 minutes of the ref looking at the monitor on the side of the pitch, and
Felipe Anderson secretively jets back to London and slashes their team coach’s tyres whilst they’re all out on the pitch, before waiting out front and nutting Wilder as they leave. “

“Need to be careful here as I think I read Moyes said he had a bump but should be ok.
Don’t wont to fall foul of either making an illegal substitution or playing an inelligable player.
Not saying its the case but the sort of thing we would make a mess of”

“And against these lot as well, we know how that will go down.
I bet the email has been drafted and just waiting to send!”

By Roy

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