“Sheff Utd going to be such a tough opening game, they’re the bonus points for the season. “

“Sheff Utd had to have pretty much their entire squad self-isolate for ten days right in the middle of their preseason losing a couple of preseason games. Then after they were back they’ve had their last preseason game cancelled because their opponents had covid cases. As far as I’m aware they’ve only been able to play 2 preseason games and one of them was against a pub team.
Not saying it means we’ll get a walkover, but they’ve had a very disrupted preseason and their fitness can’t be ideal so this will probably be the best time for anyone to face them. That said they haven’t lost many from last season and with no signings as yet it’s quite possible Jokanovic will go with a similar team to what’s been playing for almost the last two years, so getting to know their teammates is one issue they shouldn’t have to worry about.”

“Saw their projected team for Saturday. It’s going to be a bloody tough start to the season – what a squad they have”

“Starting game is gonna be tough especially against that squad. ”

“Didn’t realise that they still kept all their good players”

“Sheffield united have some good spare strikers”

“I worry about the midfield. Woods and Gardner is not a strong pairing and even with an extra body in there, they may not be the right body. Sunjic is a huge miss in there and I think we’ll struggle, particularly if Berge plays for them.”

“I really hope I’m wrong but realistically I think we’re going to get taught a lesson”

“We have a decent record against Sheffield United tbf. But I just think this time we’ll fall just short.
Really looking forward to it though. Was very lucky to get a ticket for the game.”

“We will lose”

“We’re getting hammered saturday”

“We are a bit of a bogey team for Sheff U”

“1-0 Sheffield, more positives than negatives.”

“We’ve got a good opening day record of 1-0s against teams who should beat us. So I can see it. But I think this one will have more excitement”

“Last few seasons have all started with a win
So I go for a defeat.”

“we’ll beat them.”

“I wouldn’t put it past us to do that.”

“In 14 prem games, Leko has 2 assists. In 27 prem games, Brewster has none. Make of that what you will”

“I’ve got no idea how Sheffield United are going to set up, at this point I’ve got no idea who our best XI are. Just looking forward to a night on the ale in Sheffield tbf. “

“Saturday night under the lights having an absolute belter in Sheffield gonna be tasty babyyyy”

“Jacky Grealish is a blue he hates villa with tears of joy might be sung Saturday night methinkss”

“Keep right on drowning out greasy chip butty Saturday night. I’m here for that”

“Words can not describe how jacked I am for Saturday. Baby we are back”

“Football is literally my life and I know very well I’d be nothing without it, and on Saturday I finally get to see my team again and to be honest I already wanna cry.”

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By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Birmingham”
  1. Some varied comments. Some complimentary, some deluded….
    Come on you Red and White Wizzzzaaaarrrddsss!

  2. I’m a Blade & been going over 60 yrs….This game means everything to me But theres two good teams out there & 2 good sets of supporters…. Lets all enjoy it & remember, Its not a sprìnt, Don’t worry when you lose….

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