“I thought we played very well given the relatively ‘scratch’ nature of the side. SUFC clearly coasting, and a mixed level of experience for them, but enough quality in there that they should have had the game by the scruff and given us a pasting. Saw from those following on the radio that there was a lot of worry about us out of possession – I didn’t feel that way at all. Jokanovic sides keep the ball a lot, and they couldn’t break us down apart from an inside out ball into the left back slot for Bogle; the necessary change in formation cut that off entirely and allowed us onto the front foot second half.”

“In recent times you always have a chance to do the big boys over in this first round game as the higher league team tend to always underestimate the opposition and send out the boys with a scattering of quality – what they deem enough to see the lower league team off.
Get your tactics right and you have a chance, shame that we were so toothless up front again as a draw was achievable with a decent striker.”

“If we’d put out a stronger team we probably would have progressed.”

“I’m all about trying youth but throwing them all in (with a new formation) against the highest ranked team in the competition currently feels a bit much.”

“I wouldn’t expect us to win if we were full strength to be fair but at least it would be nice to see that we were serious about trying to win it.
Very unfair on the paying crowd unless you wanted to see what our youth players can do, we have that Mickey Mouse competition for that.”

“Beech has thrown this game away”.

“It would be hard enough to beat them with Saturdays starting Line-Up.”

“Could have been worse I suppose, I though we had equalised late on.”

” a single goal defeat against the highest ranked side in the competition. Hardly a disaster”

“We played really well. Set up first half wasn’t right but we coped well despite that, second half we were the better team.
Their goal was a keeping error and both Abrahams and Mampala could have done better with chances, though Manny ran all night and had cramp.
Real credit to the club tonight, we will beat a lot of teams on that form.”

“we grew into the game second half after the formation change”

“given them a real game in this second half. A few minutes to go, still just one behind, and causing them a few problems.”

“Feeney very calm and unruffled second against £45m of forwards.”

“Same issues as last season failure to convert our chances.”

a good second half, a shame we couldn`t convert one or two of the chances we had.

“2 games in a row we’ve created some excellent chances but failed to convert.”

“Time to get on the phone to Lee Novak or Keiran Agard.
Leon Clark, David Nugent or Nicky Maynard would also be worth a shout for a season as they are all free agents.”

“Anyone listening to Beech being interviewed?
Spent all of the second half of last season talking about covid, training, too many games and dragging up old news telling us how bad he has had it.
Comes to something relevant like the Hayden transfer, he said about two or three times that it was ‘old news now’ being only four days ago and when pressed repeatedly kept saying it was ‘old news”

“He’s a tit.”

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