“So many players have put their hands up for selection. it’s hard to predict the starting 11 unlike the last two seasons. We can rest players this season and not run them into the ground.
I for one am already really excited with our coaching team and the squad we now have. Lovely to see Dan Williams get his chance last night, and my didn’t he take it?
I wouldn’t be confident predicting more than maybe 5 of our starting 11 at this stage!”

“This will be an interesting game, with both sides playing similar styles of football. While Sheffield United were unable to score last weekend, they bossed possession and also had more chances than Birmingham. Expect a tight game, with both sides looking to play football. Swansea should be targeting a win here against a Sheffield United side that is yet to add to its ranks. ”

“This is going to be a very big match up. The two teams who atm want to dominate possession go up against each other. It will be a very big test if, this early in the adjustment to the new style of play, we can win that contest and the match. Its pretty clear we will concede goals, so we will need to score at least twice to be in with a chance in this match. For me that means more than 12 shots at goal in the match, and limit them to single digits. They have real quality up front, so we need to be in control at the back, agressive in midfield and clinical upfront.Really looking forward to it no matter the result.”
“I’m actually looking forward to a game for the first time in a long while. Take a point, but it’s winnable. “
“Draw written all over this, lump on”

“They have quality all over the pitch we have our work cut out in this one”

“Interesting that Janko has not been favouring McB and Brewie.
Will be a close game.”

“Be surprised if Sheffield lose this, they were unlucky last week, jokanovic teams usually come back strong after a defeat, we will do well to get a draw, mcburnie will score probably, ex players always seem to, lets hope its an own goal”

“ I see that Brewster scored last night for the first time in 31 games for Sheffield Utd.
From past experience of our ex players scoring against us ( Bony, Clucas, Sinclair etc, ) it is very likely he will score on Saturday, along with McBurnie.”
“It’s a magnificent return for Oliver Robert McBurnie to his home city of Swansea, the team he loves and adores, the best thing that ever happened to him. He loves the swans ! So boo him at every turn, don’t applaud this oaf for ninety minutes he is the enemy, then say “Hi mate, you loves the swans mush “

“What is a McBurnie
McBurnie means “Div” in Gaelic. And when you search on the term it explains “ Becomes a div after consumption of the devils drink” Oliver has made the headlines a few times since he left the swans, buying people beer, making gestures towards the tramps in Cardiff, booting members of the public about and driving whilst slaughtered, he has done a great job in keeping up his PR profile. A lot of people who like Olly do so not because he is a nice guy, which we all know he is, but because he played for Swansea City. Weird eh ? He is also a lovely generous chap. Just drink water mate. “

“Mcburnie will score and they will win”

“brewster will bottle it cabangooooal will flatten him”

“Why are we so obsessed with former players.”

“Ramsdale has always looked shaky to me, so I’d prefer he played tbh.”

“Oh great the ref is Keith Stroud – just when I was starting to get excited for the game!”

By Roy

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