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“Easier than i thought it would be. I did not rate Sheff Utd at all from what i’ve seen so far this season but this was awful by them.”

“Could have been 10 the way Sheffield United were defending set pieces.”

” Could have scored twice as many.”

“Can only play what’s in front of you, but I tell you what? I’m loving seeing this high pressing, proactive football. Blades were pants but we bullied them, which is refreshing to see, considering last season”

“Crazy watching these same players running around like madmen when in the first half of the PL campaign they could barely move. I much prefer this style. You can’t help but get behind the lads even more than usual when you see them putting their absolute all in..”

“Great result ,batter them in first half then pick them apart second”

“absolutely bullied them & made them play right into our hands with the long throw”.

“Brutal at times
But I’ll take watching this over a possession based style.”

“Superb result. That press is incredible. Still attacking and trying to score when 4-0 up as well is something I don’t think we’ve seen under any of our recent head coaches, keeps the opposition on the back foot rather than them throwing everything at us.
We had the toughest start on paper and we’ve came out of it top of the league. If we can improve our ball retention and get those centre mids we desperately need then we should be pushing for autos.”

“Won 4 nil so definitely wouldn’t be too critical. As I said at half time I think we’re three short at least and in key positions but we’ve absolutely steam rolled Sheffield United tonight in spite of those players.”

“I thought this would be another harder game for us and I don’t think we actually played at our best, didn’t seem so good first half but was improved in the second.
Looks like we run teams stupid and they can’t deal with it, couple that with our corners and throw ins and so far it is working.”

“Better second half than first but I’m still underwhelmed. Suspect it’s just that this style of football is not my preference. It’s miles better than Pulis as it’s attacking and trying to win – not watching Foster time waste from kick off – but I’m just not blown away.
It never felt like we were dominating and creating chances – it was more than we scored from the long throws. Still – a great win against a side that will no doubt improve as the season goes and will be up there at the end.”

“They beat us in one respect. We brought on Reach and they brought on Freeman. It’s the subs that are concerning”.

By Roy

One thought on “View From West Brom”
  1. I think the Blades were shell shocked from the first minute. They seemed to have no answer to the high press and just kept lumping the ball upfield and it came straight back. These tactics won’t win this league so we’ll need at least two other players, a midfielder and a striker.
    I cannot understand why SU swapped Callum Robinson for Oli Burke, lunacy.

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