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“At risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, you’ve got to say even at this stage this game could be hugely important moving forward, as we’ve gotta see sheffield united as a genuine threat for promotion. Getting 3 points and denying them could really do us a favour.”

“I know it’s early, but putting six points between us and Sheffield United, even this early will be pretty big, especially when you compare both sides first three games. At
We are likely to lose somewhere between 7 and 13 games, a two win / two defeat swing can be done quickly in the championship but when your towards the top of a table and the better teams are only losing 1 in 4 it’s still meaningful.”

“Sheffield United look badly lacking in confidence at the moment. I thinking we’re probably facing at a good time very early on in the season.”

“They’ve not looked great so far, hopefully a good time to be playing them.”

“Yep, not impressed with them at all. Hopefully we can put them under the cosh and get the 3 points.”

“sheffield look awful to watch”

“Really unimpressed with Sheffield United so far.
Lots of easy square passing that achieves nothing – no urgency, no creativity and no threat. They won’t trouble many teams playing like that. Surprised by how poor they have been”

“Not impressed with what i’ve seen from Sheff Utd at all.”

“4 capable at this level forwards on the pitch, still can’t hit a barn donkey’s banjo.
I think this is 2nd time I’ve seen Sheff U already, they are not good and we don’t need to worry about them, from what I’ve seen.”

“What a strange forward line he picked though. Jokanovic will come good once he works out their best team.”

“Yeah that’s my reading. Early results can be misleading, I remember us being top of the table early on one year with Harford in charge in the 90’s
It won’t take Jokanovic long to realise that Mousset and Burke is a poor strikeforce at any level. Brewster, McBurnie and to a lesser extent Sharp and McGoldrick will bag a ton this season. They are also getting huge money for Berge and Ramsdale (and if they don’t, they have the best player in the championship). “

“Early doors for them and Jokanovic. Tough game midweek
Will be amazed if they are not in top 4 come May”

“Agree, it was a slow burner when he was at Fulham and once they clicked they were pretty unstoppable.”

“Sooner or later those four capable forwards are going to click.”

“Need to improve defensively particularly for Wednesday against a promotion rival in Sheffield United.”

“Sheff Utd havent scored a goal yet. You know what’s coming dont you? This is Albion after all!
We all know about Oli Burke, poor as he is his speed could cause us a problem defending such a high line.”

“Strange balance to their squad, influenced in part by the way Wilder used to set up. Loads of forwards but no wide players or creativity.
Looked a bit flat and quite poor against Swansea but they have some good players so imagine they will be up there. Think it would be foolish to underestimate them on Wednesday. Brewster and Burke could have a field day against our high line if they can get a few decent balls over the top.”

“I fear for us against Sheffield in the week as tiredness will kick in.”
“Sheffield United being really poor first two games sets it up lovely for them to turn it on big time against us on Wednesday”

“If Sheffield United get £59m for Berge and Ramsdale then they’ll be a different beast by the end of the transfer window.”

“May as well put all your money on Sheffield United winning on Wednesday night with Matthew Donohue as ref!!”

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