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“Woke up with a smile on my face and skip on my step.
I have no idea how we won yesterday. I’m so annoyed I didn’t attend but watched at home with an open jaw at the scenes at the end.
I thought I was falling out of love with Town and football in general, games like that drag you back in.
We were terribe …..but…..blimey!!!!”

“We were rubbish but we won, lets take the points and move on”

“We have been rubbish in the last two games but taken 6 points which a lot of people may describe as a sign of a good side”

“It is if you’re a good side to start with but we’re clearly not.”

“A great win for several reasons, not least that we always seem to be on the receiving end of these smash and grab jobs. Best finish to a game since Ince’s goal against Watford 3 years ago. While the performance wasn’t great, I wouldn’t describe it as totally shite. We defended well for the most part, What pleases me most about these last two results is the momentum and confidence it gives us with the transfer window coming to a close. Maybe some potential loan signings will look at our league position (especially if we can somehow get a result next Saturday as well) and all of a sudden Huddersfield look a lot more attractive option. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but football is a results business and it really is amazing what a couple of wins can do, ugly or otherwise.”

“The Championship is again declining in quality for at least the 3rd year in a row. It is one of the best leagues to be a part of but the standard is pretty bab.
You can moan at Town being crap to watch but Derby, Sheff Utd and Preston are equally as bad”

“It was brilliant at the end and I’m buzzing but these early season games always throw put a few anomalies.
I’ll bet anyone 100 quid Sheff Utd finish considerably higher than Town.”

“I thought it was the perfect away performance to be honest, we defended well looked solid we knew Sheffield Utd had a lot of possession so we set up to defend and catch them on the break, Sheffield Utd did very little to trouble us we looked far more dangerous and the more likely to score”

“Didn’t realise but Brewster and McBirnie cost a combined total of £40million. Then they’ve got Sharp and McGoldrick. They shouldn’t be losing to teams like Huddersfield with that strike force.”

“I’ll give you Billy Sharp as he always scores against us and has a great career average of goals per game but the rest are very average. McGoldrick and McBurnie one in 4 appearances only equates to 10/12 goals a season and Brewster one in 5. Just coz they cost ridiculous amounts of money doesn’t mean they’re any good. We should know that more than most”

“They had 65% possession mid week and got a right pasting.
70% yesterday and created very little. For an hour we hardly touched the ball but I never felt we were in trouble. Their 40m frontline were rubbish”

“Sheffield had a lot of pressure but their delivery was shocking.
Which keeper did more today?”

“Ours. We didn’t have a shot until midway through the second half. They had double the shots on target we had and 4 times as many crosses in to the box as us which makes it a bit obvious which keeper was busier.”

“Every footballer should watch our winning goal as a classic example of playing to the whistle. As everyone of their defence stood still expecting a free kick for either a foul or offside, Colwill and Campbell are the only players in the 6 yard box waiting for Toffolo’s cross. All the United players are on the edge of the box expecting play to be stopped – criminal defending.”

“Superb defensive line from Sheff Utd”

“Despite the great result, even after just seeing us once, they aren’t far off the mark. Out of the 4 games so far, we’ve played Derby in crisis, Preston dross and Sheffield United who strangely seem in crisis too, 7 points out of that is good and fair play to Town for grabbing the points but we’ve been pretty dismal in those games performance wise.”

“I listened today on Radio Sheffield. Not sure who he was but their co-commentator was a complete arsehole. Never have I taken so much glee in sticking two fingers up to an inanimate object. “

“Thing is though, you just know that the press response to this win is going to be all about how United are floundering, and there’ll be little or no credit afforded Town.”

“Best away game ive ever been to”

“Is today your first away game?”

By Roy

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  1. We didn’t trouble you and you looked a lot more dangerous ,,, are you having a giraffe ? Get over yourself you are crap , the match was a fluke

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