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“Good performance, but disappointing result. Well deserved 1:0 lead at half-time and it could have easily been 2:0. Derby in control with Hutchinson bossing it in midfield. Had a really good half and looks like a bright prospect for the future. Unlike what was to follow in the second half, we also looked solid defensively. Sibley looked sharp and took his goal really well.
Second-half, conceded a cheap equalizer early doors through poor marking. After that, we reacted well and looked the most likely team to score with Stretton unlucky not to add to his goal tally. Then there was THAT winning goal for the Blades. A complete and utter gift. How come we always gift opponents these type of goals but never get gifts from them?”

“There are times when you travel back from an away defeat full of gloom and despondency. Not tonight.
I don’t know whether our young players on show in Sheffield will turn into top class PL players, into top class Championship players or whether they will make a career in the lower leagues but tonight’s performance brimmed with endeavour, movement, skill, hard work and commitment to the shirt. They were more than deservedly ahead at half time and probably should have made more of a couple of good breakaways. It was one of the most encouraging halves of football that I have seen us have in several years. Unsurprisingly they tired in the second, gave away two soft goals, could and probably should have scored at least one more, but kept their shape and the pattern of play right to the end. “

“There are no negatives to take out from this.”

“Disappointing. Gifted a side, that can’t score for toffee, two goals. Lucky Sheffield United. The lads did well, it was a good performance and probably should have won.”

“They were appalling.
We played much the better football in both halves, but lacked a proper forward. “

“Sheffield got lucky there well played our young rams we were the better side”.

“Seen people saying the first goal was Allsops ‘mistake’ and I’m not quite sure I’d go that far. The cross itself was the only bit of quality Sheff U mustered up all game and the striker got a decent header on it.They brought on Fleck and Sharp and we brought on kids. They still created nothing aside from our error which I think says a lot. “

“We put scholars on as subs and they put experienced players on. We’ve lost that on squad size”

” I wouldn’t pick Bogle ahead of Byrne or Ebosele, and Lowe would be our 4th best full-back right now”

“As always it’s Sharp who scored”

“Sharp. Always scores against us…”

“Seemed like Sharp hit the deck more when he came on than anyone in the game.”

“United fans are a bit weird, both during the game and in the pub after, they are absolutely obsessed with Sharp and Wilder and can’t let go.”

“Despite the win I’d be worried of the manner of that result tonight, they created so little against a second string side tipped for relegation. A lot of the fans, and even some of the players didn’t really care until Billy Sharp was introduced”

“Was talking to someone in the Howard before the game, and he got literal death threats on their forum when he suggested Wilder needed to go 6 months before he eventually did. “

“It kinda reminded me of our post Mclaren days when everyone is longing for this ‘Derby away’ that never really existed, but even more possessive without knowing what it is they really want.
There was a notable lack of interest in the game until Billy Sharp came on, and to be honest that was on and off the pitch. You know it’s holding on to something that won’t be their too much longer.
Actually what I didn’t bring up last night was there was a lot of groaning towards Bogle who they were expecting to try and control these loose/hopeful panic balls in his general direction. Granted I don’t think he played well, he actually looked a worse player than what we had at his best, but in fairness he kept going and created their first goal and with very little credit for doing so. I can’t see that playing in front of that crowd would be a lot of fun.”

” hope the person who needed medical attention was ok, I’ve not seen an update yet but horrible stuff that. “

“Football aside I hope that Sheffield united fan is ok looked like they gave someone cpr for like 10 minutes hate seeing things like this seriously all the best from me”

“Hope that @SheffieldUnited fan was alright who got taken out of the stands through the first half! I hope our support was heard throughout the ground and I hope whoever it was makes a speedy recovery!”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Derby”
  1. The chap who was taken ill at last night’s match is being treated in hospital. Excellent ovation from the Rams fans
    as the gentleman was taken out of the stand. # cant beat the football family 😃

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