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“Always liked having Olsen, as felt for the majority, he pushed Pickford. “

“If you just need a goalkeeper to be massive, grab crosses and make good saves he’s absolutely fine”

“Solid as a rock”

“Better than Pickford”

“possibly the steadiest part of 20-21 for EFC”

“Proper steady keeper”

“Was solid when called upon”

“he was decent”

“Olsen came in and did a decent job”

“Was outstanding in the Euos”

“Street End will give him a great reception, and thoroughly deserved”

“Doubt we’ll play them”

“Not Olsen’s fault the defence was crap in front of him.”

“He did make saves you expected him to save ..”

“Why on earth didn’t we sign Olsen permanently?”

“wouldn’t have minded seeing him stay as a backup next season, possibly to a new number 1.”

“I’d have signed him”

“He’s fine, I didn’t think we should keep him since we aren’t going to be able to move Pickford.”

“Olsen i think would have been a poor permanent signing.”

“Not good enough, he’s just a big lunk. His size is all he’s got going for him.”

“Olsen is a good shot stopper but for a big goalkeeper he doesn’t command his area from crosses very well. “

“he’s like a vampire waking up to the morning sun when it comes to corners. He absolutely bricks anything being further than 6 inches away from his goal line.”

“He doesn’t seem to be able to kick the ball very far”

“he gave me kittens. Looked totally unreliable.”

“He’s an absolute clown!”

By Roy

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