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“On balance, I don’t think we did enough in the game to win but at the same time, losing would have been tough on the performance.
Safe to say Sheffield United despite their two years in the Premierleague look very, very average.
Sheffield United have Billy Sharp, Oliver Burke, Luke Freeman, David McGoldrick, Jack Robinson, Ben Osborn and Adlene Guedioura as former Forest players in their team.
Maybe that’s why it looks like they’re going to be joining the Championship wilderness for the foreseeable.”

“Well done Forest, good entertainment, onwards and upwards”

“So, the game ended 1-1, with hardly any spectators being able to leave early given the exhilarating performance by Cooper’s resurgent Red Army. That makes 9 games with only 1 defeat under this popular figure. Long may the man reign!”

“We do go away entertained don’t we?”

“Before the subs, United had turned into a quite embarrassing long ball team (worst I’ve seen at the CG for years).
After the subs, they were waltzing through the middle of the park – their defenders must have been delighted with the let off.”

“Think Sheffield United are the epitome of why a club should have a strategy, wilder developed his strategy and recruited to that. Covid in the prem was always gonna be difficult for them but when they parted ways they got jokanovic who is totally different and clearly the players are set up to play to wilder way.”

“Went to the game, couldnt decide first half whether Sheffield Utd were indeed a better side than their 15th place suggests, or we showed them far too much respect. Either way it made for one of our more insipid attacking displays from Steve Cooper so far.
Sheff Utd are decent, thats a decent point, but Im hoping we have more of a go & get out of survival mode against Preston.”

“I hope Sheff Utd gave the ref their man of the match.”

“Basham knew exactly what he was doing, target the trailing leg to knock the player off-balance.
Anywhere else on the pitch, it’s a foul. It’s a penalty.”

“It was an absolutely disgraceful piece of refereeing.”

“It was a stonewall penalty, his knee got clipped. Cast iron, no doubt about it. If you get clipped on your knee at that pace you’re going down.”

“I think it was defo a penalty, also think he looking for a penalty aswell. With his pace he will go over at the slightest touch and it can look dramatic, the refs aren’t a good enough to see that at this level.”

“One thing I want to see is senior players stepping in when the likes of Bashan are shoving our young lads like Brennan.”

“Basham was very clever all night. He was dominating Taylor and bullying Johnson.
He was also influencing the referee in making out Johnson was diving, because he was worried about his pace.
The ref completely bought into it, because Basham is an influential and experienced player.”

“I thought it was an embarrassing dive”

“Oh for someone like Stuart Pearce to dish out some retribution.”

“My thoughts, cagey until they scored. I do love Billy Sharpe. Great character love Grabbs more.”

“I know he set up their goal and all that but I bloody love Billy Sharp- gutted we wasted him so much when we had him- great player and a better bloke.”

“Brewster looks a deflated player and devoid of any confidence. Maybe that price tag has been too much for him. Sheff United fans certainly want rid of him. Might be worth a punt on him on loan in January”

“Was looking forward to seeing what Brewster had to offer but if that was him putting himself in the shop window, I hope we shop elsewhere.”

“A bit of info regarding Max Lowe: according to a Blades fan who had got a ticket in the LBC near me, United would bite our hands off for us to make the move permanent.
I don’t know if he is “In the Know” at Bramall Lane, but he said the problem with Lowe is that he is on £42,500 per week, and despite Blades not wanting him because of that now they are championship, he is not likely to want to move on a permanent basis if it means a significant drop in wages for him.”

“£42k per doesn’t sound realistic at all when you consider how Sheff United quite obviously tried to cut their cloth accordingly in the premier league”

“I have no idea how much they’re paying him but £42k is the sort of wedge a newly promoted might stretch to in order to get a star player in, and doesn’t correlate at all with the £3.5m transfer figure they paid for him which was paid for a young Championship player with potential, but nothing else.
If I was to guess I’d say he’d be on between £10k and £20k.
Whatever he’s on, his stock has fallen since moving to Sheff Utd so he’ll either have to accept a lower wage if he wants to re-ignite his career, or do a Carl Jenkinson and sit out his contract and effectively retire at age 26. Choice is his.”

“Had a quick look at a Sheff U Forum, what a set of tedious wankers they really are.”

“Let’s be honest, the Arctic Monkeys are the best thing to come out of Sheffield in the last two decades, but as soon as they got a bit of money, they wentto America, which should give you some indication as to what an absolute armpit the place is.”

By Roy

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