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“Sheffield Utd will be licking their lips.”

“the Blades have had a mixed start, but remain a real threat due to their talented squad. At some point you feel that the team will ‘click’ and go on a run of victories, lets just hope its after this Saturday! “

“Sooner or later, Sheff Utd will click, even if it’s for just a game or so.
Backed by a noisy away support, Saturday could be the day.”

“Sheffield utd 8 rovers 0. Mowbray resigns”

“I predict fireworks and Rovers to lose by only 5-0. Mowbray will regard this as progress.
Mowbray will blame:

  1. a divot in the goalmouth;
  2. the teabags were out of date;
  3. Dack being injured;
  4. the referee missed vital decisions;
  5. the previous nights vindaloo was reacting with his colon and the subsequent flatulence was affecting his decisive decision making”

“assuming we don’t get completely pummeled – which we won’t because lightning won’t strike twice in a row and Sheffield aren’t good enough – then even a narrow competitive defeat will be applauded as improvement, players fighting for the manager blah blah blah”

“If we lost 18 nil he’d neither resign or get sacked.
As it is i expect us to dig out a win but a real death spiral is on the cards soon it’s obvious it’s coming.”

“In spite of that shit last night, if Ayala and hopefully Pickering play I think we can beat Sheffield United”

“Draw written all over this one… but beware Sheff Utd have a better away record than home record with a very even 2 wins 2 draws and 2 losses in their last 6 aways.”

“I’m not sure we will get enough of a reaction. A valiant draw or defeat, followed by Mowbray blaming injuries and saying “lets see where we are at when we have players back after the international break”
You could set your watch by it. Watch and see, this is 100% what he will say”

“I can’t see us getting a result after last night. The players looked absolutely shell shocked and at any age that’s going to have a psychological effect. Combined with the likely prospect of having another lightweight defender in the team and Sheffield Utd knowing that if you come at us we capitulate like that, I’m dreading another mauling”.

“It’ll be either a bore draw or a narrow defeat. Enough for Mowbray and his acolytes to hail a magnificent recovery for his young, injury stricken squad against another behemoth that was in the PL last year.
And on the show goes through the next international break.”

“Probably be a good atmosphere and feisty game, a win would be great but it doesn’t change a thing overal.”

“I find it hard to say it but I honestly don’t want to go on Saturday after last night.
The performance was bad enough but the lack of apology or noises that anyone in the club is bothered hurt just as much.
As a fan I just feel taken advantage of, the whole match day experience is crap these days. No atmosphere, no passion, the facilities are a joke in the riverside with broken toilets and no staff at the kiosks. All for £100 more than I paid for my last season ticket.
If I could get a refund on my ticket at this point I would probably take it and just watch the odd game on the TV.”

“It needs an 18k+ gate to be considered a roaring success but somehow i don’t think that is likely.”

“I’ll be surprised if we sell more than 10,000 home tickets.”

“I have just seen that the appointed referee for this game is Oliver Langford. That won’t mean much until I say he had us against Luton recently and put in arguably the worst refereeing performance at Ewood for some time. It culminated with a dying swan act in stoppage time when he went down injured. I really hope he isn’t as bad on Saturday.”

By Roy

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