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“Sheffield United are a bit like us the first season we came down. Parachute money aplenty but utterly hopeless.”

“On reflection, four very good goals (their early strike was clinical and an amazing finish) but how poor do Sheff Utd look? You’d have thought they’d had the 0-7 tonking on Weds from the way they capitulated. It made me wonder whether a glass-jaw back four is just a feature of the also rans in the division this season (although that’s something we’ve had for years anyway…) “

“At risk of sounding like a miserable pessimist I still can’t get carried away. I think Sheff utd were very poor, as they have been for most of the season, I like Gibbs-White but after that wouldn’t give many players praise. “

“beating a poor team at home is not equal to getting stuffed 7-0 at home”

“The Sheff U side were awful”

“Probably one of the best teams we could have faced after our midweek result. A bit like United facing Spurs after getting humiliated by Liverpool. “

“for some reason Sheff U were walking/running in concrete. Poveda’s goal was a good example. They were physically and mentally unable to match us for the whole 90 min. Strange to watch, but obviously very enjoyable….”

“How bad are the teams in this league it’s hard to comprehend really. Could have been more today. “

“A pathetic division. Rovers are shite and sit in 6th. There’s some shit teams above us. The ones below…Jesus wept. “

“could have been 5 or 6”

“How did we only score 3?”

“Good win. Good performance. In truth it could easily have been 6-4 to us”.

“After conceding so early with a huge away following and what happened on Wednesday I thought it was going to be a party for them. All I could think was Fulham mercilessly battered us, this lot will take the piss.
Absolutely delighted with the character shown by so many of the players. I don’t think I will get over Wednesday as long as Mowbray is manager but I enjoyed this game”

“Big Ben tore them to shreads at time. Really enjoyed.”

“I watched Sheffield United TV and the commentators seemed close to total, utter despair and chronic depression.”

“Any time a Sheffield player had the ball in our half there were at least two Rovers players on him”

“Sheff Utd’s early goal wasn’t because they were set up better than us, it was just one of those things that sometimes happens at the beginning of a match. Overall we were still set up better than them and by the end that was unquestionably proven to be the case”

“We were great going forward today. Diaz, Poveda, Khadra all superb. Special mention to Buckley who I thought was fantastic.
Defensively thought we were very poor though. Wharton (understandably) off the pace and felt that Edun was very exposed, although he did well going forward.
As ever in the Championship, the refereeing was atrocious. Really think the EFL should focus on that.”

“Basic stuff is all you need in this league if everyone pulls together.”

“The BBC report said that it was Brewster’s first goal for Sheff U. That is poor. He cost them a fortune. Klopp sold them on that one.”

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